Law School Graduation Invitations

law school graduation invitationsInnocent until proven guilty!  All those hard years of studying  have finally paid off because you’ve just graduated from law school!  A new door has opened and a new path lies ahead for so many new opportunities and ways to grow.

At, we recognize the hard work and dedication it takes as a law student, and our vendors have prepared to help you celebrate your law school graduation.  We offer a complete line of law school graduation invitations and announcements to help you announce to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers of your graduation, as well as invite them to help you celebrate!

The law school graduation collection features a variety of invitations and announcements, depending on your personal style.  From whimsical styles with gavel, text book and scale of justice cartoons to more mature designs with scale of justice designs screened into the background or elegant pocket and ribbon themes, there’s a little something for everyone.  We also features photo law school graduation invitations so that you can share a photograph of the graduate with your recipients as well as create a memorable keepsake for years to come, commemorating such an important achievement.

Below are some of the unique law school graduation invitations you’ll see in our abundant collection…

law school grad invitations

Remember that with sending out graduation announcements and invitations you’ll probably receive gifts from family and friends.  Be sure to check out our graduation stationery and graduation stickers to create a complete coordinating graduation ensemble!

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