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Celebrate The Royal Wedding – Princess Party Invitations

Friday, April 29th, 2011

princess invitationsAdmit it…you DVR’d the Royal Wedding last night, right?  Don’t feel bad, all the girls over here at IBox did, too!  The world is buzzing with news and live streaming from England’s special wedding day and I felt it appropriate to focus today’s blog on nothing but royalty!

One of our most popular kids birthday party themes has always been princess parties!  And along with a party fit for a princess goes a princess party invitation!  It’s got to be pink and purple, of course, and feature all of the things a princess needs, from a princess crown to a magic wand, a far away castle or a sparkling princess crown!  The above invitation is one of our newest princess invitations from Paper so Pretty which features a party princess with hot pink hair wearing a fun pink sparkling party dress with a purple ribbon in the back.  She dons a silver princess crown, as any princess should, and gazes at herself in her mirror.  This fun princess invitation is perfect for princess parties or dress-up parties!

When planning your child’s princess party, be sure to make sure all her royal guests feel like a princess for the day, too!  Whether you’re playing dress-up, taking the kids to have their hair styled or getting a mani/pedi you’ll want to make each guest feel like the inner princess she already is!  Take pictures as the princesses arrive, and maybe even roll out a red carpet for them to walk on!  Add some frills to your party scene with pink and purple streamers, balloons and lots of sparkles!  If boys are attending, ask them to come dressed as princes or a fearless dragon!  Top the party off with a tall white or pink tiered cake fit for a queen or a cake in the shape of a princess castle or magic wand!  For party crafts, have each party princess guest decorate her own princess crown with stick-on jewels, sequins and rhinestones and then take the crown home with her after wearing it at your party.

Our princess party invitations feature looks-like-me princesses, castles, prince and princess scenes, digital photographs, crowns, castles and fairies.  Below are some of our most popular and newest princess party invitations that are made for your royal little princess!

princess party invitations