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Schedule of Events Cards

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

When planning a wedding, there’s so much to do and so much information to inform to your guests.  Sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming and you certainly don’t want to confuse your guests or have anyone miss out on any of the fun events you have worked so hard to plan!  One of the more modern ideas that bride and grooms are turning to nowadays is giving each guest a schedule of events card to inform them of the events surrounding your wedding, as well as any additional information you feel valuable for them to know.

The schedule of events card can be sent with your wedding invitation, rehearsal dinner invitation or simply be placed in a welcome basket in each guest’s hotel room upon arrival.  You can choose a booklet style ensemble like this Breezy Palms Schedule of Events Card by Checkerboard, (on the left), which opens like a top-fold book, or simply list all of your event details on a flat card stock.  List your events in chronological order, by date and time.  You can also include specific attire requests or parking information to assist your guests.

You may want to include information about your rehearsal dinner, welcoming party, wedding after party or post-wedding brunch – anything during the days leading, of or following your big day.  You may also want to include a list of activities, restaurants or things to do in the area, especially if you have out of town guests who may be staying multiple days.  This little book you’ll be providing your guests with will become a quick-reference guide to your guests, to which will be much appreciated.

If choosing a book-style schedule of events card, remember that additional pages may be added, (at an additional cost), for those who have more text than the pages allotted.  Tie the ensemble pages neatly together with a coordinating ribbon for easy travel and convenience for your guests.  Choose a fun schedule of events card which coordinates with your wedding colors or theme, from tropical and modern to traditional and classic.