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Pirate Invitations

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

One question about your business, boy, or there’s no use going: This girl… how far are you willing to go to save her?

Aah, the famous words of Captain Jack Sparrow, the villain we all hate to love!  Who’s ready for Pirates of the Caribbean 4??  I know after the couple year wait from the last sequel release, I am very excited for the Pirates opening weekend, and I’m sure the kids are bugging you to take them to the movies!

Pirate themed party invitations are one of our most popular invitation themes for kids and adults this year.  Boys, girls, men, women – they all love the pirate themed parties – full of action, adventure, mystery, danger and treasure, of course!  If you’re planning on hosting your own pirate themed party, be sure to amp up the party games, decor and food/beverages to coordinate with your unique party theme.

If you’re planning a kids pirate party, create a treasure map for the kids to follow in teams, searching for the ultimate treasure!  Be sure to use tricky clues to keep the kids interested and searching.  You can also ask the kids to come dressed as their favorite pirate!  Girls can come as fair maidens or pirates, if they wish!  If you’re planning an adult themed pirate party, be sure to serve up plenty of rum and finger foods.   Have the guest of honor dress as their favorite pirate or ask everyone to dress up.  Decorate your event with dark, adventurous colors with scattered treasures throughout.  If your party is coming up very soon, you may even want to take your guests to the movies to see the Pirates 4 movie!

Below are some of our favorite pirate themed invitations, from scary (for adults) to fun and adventurous (for kids)!