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Spa Party Invitations

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Every girl loves to get spoiled and pampered all day! Manicure, pedicure, massage, facial – you name it! If she’s a girly-girl, she’s there…and ready for some relaxation! We all get way too caught up in our jobs, our kids and the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we sometimes forget to take a moment to relax and just appreciate life and the people we love in it.  And with our families being so busy, we often find it hard to take a day off to spend with friends and good company.

A spa day is the perfect excuse to get together with friends, co-workers or neighbors for some good gossip, a cocktail (or two), and to help to push your cares away while you relax and celebrate one of the best parts of being a girl.  Whether you’re planning a spa day as a girl’s day, bachelorette party, bridal shower or a kid’s party, be sure to browse different spas in your areas to get the best deals.  Many spas offer discounted rates for large groups or special packages which include combos of mani/pedis with a hot stone massage or seaweed wrap.  Allow your guests to choose their own services and be sure to be upfront about what services the hosts will/will not be covering.  You may even want to include a fun spa menu with each invitation detailing the services your local spa offers.  This can be especially handy if you need to book your services prior to your guests attending your event.

When searching for the perfect spa day invitation, look no further than!  Our spa themed party invitation collection has grown in the past few months and we have a couple of brand new designs that are perfect for setting the scene for your serene party.  Below you’ll see some of our favorite spa party invitations which feature spa scenes of girls wrapped in towels and robes with face masks and cucumber eyes.  These are especially great for bridal spa days or adult spa events.  Kids spa days are also becoming increasingly popular and we’ve got the perfect kids spa party invitations to coordinate!  Choose from whimsical cartoon spa kids getting their toes painted or patterned cards with bottles of nail polish, bare feet or vanity scenes.

Checkout some of our favorite spa party invitations for kids and adults below and get ready to be pampered!