Divorce Party Invitations

Let’s face it…divorce sucks!  Whether you’re filing, receiving papers, or paying alimony, it’s a stressful time for both parties and their entire families.  One of the most unique trends we’ve seen in the recent months have been divorce parties and ‘no more alimony’ parties.  An order came in this weekend for a ‘no more alimony’ celebration and I laughed to myself at first, but then though – this is a great idea!  After the mess of a divorce, you deserve a night of relaxation, celebration and fun surrounded by those that love you most and the ones who got you through such a tough time in your life!  There’s no better time to celebrate than when it’s all said, done and over with!

Most divorce parties are held when a couple is finally independent of one another, in other words, when the divorce is finalized.  An alimony party may be held a year or so after the divorce, when the one party is no longer paying alimony to their past spouse.  Most divorce/alimony parties are centered around the divorcee and are filled with cocktails, great food and good times, be it at a club or a back yard barbecue with friends…it’s like a backwards bachelorette party, celebrating the person’s newfound single territory!  You’ll often see taboo items such as divorce cakes, ‘just divorced’ banners or writing on cars, wedding ring coffins or broken rings showing the breakup/divorce.  A friend can host the party for the divorcee, or the divorcee himself/herself.  A divorce party can have a wild and crazy sentiment, or be more of an emotional get-together, both with the support of family and friends.

To set the scene for your divorce or end to alimony party, choose the perfect divorce party invitation to set the scene for your unusual, (but fun!), party theme.  We typically suggest a cocktail party invitation if you’ll be serving up some drinks, or a bachelorette party invitation if you want something a bit more racy!  Choose an invitation that features a bunch of friends at a cocktail party or a design surrounding martinis, beer or a glass of wine.  If you’re heading out of town, we also have Vegas themed invitations or pool themed invitations if you’re heading out for a girl’s spa weekend to relax.  Below are some of our most popular divorce party invitations and no more alimony party invitations:

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