Surprise Party Invitations

Keep your lips zipped!  Can your family and friends keep a surprise party a secret?  It can be one of the hardest types of parties to plan, but also one of the most fun and most rewarding, too!  The look on the honoree’s face will be priceless as they walk into an unexpected event planned especially for them!  Surprise birthday parties are typically held for milestone birthdays, the ones where your husband or wife swears they DON’T want a birthday party to celebrate their 30th, 40th, 50th, or 60th.  But since when have you ever listened to a single thing they said?

When planning a surprise party, you’ll want to be sure that everyone keeps the party a secret.  Send your surprise party invitations out about 2-4 weeks before the party date.  You want to send your invitations out far enough in advance so that everyone can attend, however at the same time, you’ll want to send it close enough to the even that people don’t have to keep a secret for weeks or months on-end.  If you send the invitations two months ahead, likely the surprise will be ruined…and nobody wants to be THAT person that ruined the surprise!

Make sure your surprise party invitation is clear about the party being a surprise…and if the design doesn’t indicate it, be sure to clearly note it in your invitation wording.  Our surprise party invitations feature one of a kind designs featuring “Shhh” cutouts, like the invitation above, invitations that look like confidential file folders, lips making the Shhhh sign, as well as milestone party invitations celebrating a specific party year.  When writing your invitation wording, and planning your surprise party, be sure to set the time of event for approximately 30 minutes before the honoree will arrive, and ask people to be prompt.  You don’t want the honoree seeing people walk in to their own party!  Also, be sure advise guests where to park so that you may keep the party a surprise.

Below are some of our favorite and most popular surprise party invitations!  Make someone’s year with a surprise party in their honor!  They’ll be surprised that all of their friends were in a such a secretive and fun surprise party just for them!

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