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Low Country Boil Invitations

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Who’s ready for a relaxing and delicious low country boil?  A tradition of the lower eastern states, a low country boil is a popular party theme for rehearsal dinners, 4th of July celebrations, adult birthday parties and summer parties as this yummy compilation of food feeds many very easily.

Low country boil parties feature a relaxed atmosphere surrounding a large and fulfilling seafood dish and compiled with other yummy ingredients boiled together including shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes and onions.  Your low country boil can easily be served and cleaned up by serving the dish upon newspaper.  Use a removable drain basket, (like the one pictured on the left for easy cooking and distribution.  Remember, the more people you invite, the larger the pot and more food you’ll need!

I did some research on Low Country Boils and found out that a low country boil used to be referred to as Frogmore Stew…this I have heard many times!  The history behind this one-pot recipe combination goes back to the 1960’s when a National Guard needed to cook a meal to feed 100 soldiers.  Richard Gay created this wonderful seafood stew which was passed on and still remains today.  Frogmore was the name of the town that Gay was originally from, which has since been changed.  With the change of the city name, the dish quickly evolved into the low country boil.

Thinking about hosting your own low country boil with some southern flare?  Be sure to set the scene for your seafood party with a low country boil invitation that will have your guests’ mouths watering as soon as they open your invitation envelope.  One of my favorite brand new invitation designs we have on our website is by Noteworthy collections, which features a light tan woodgrain background with a large black lantern in the background.  It’s called the Low Country Boil Invitation and features a large pot of corn, potatoes, sausage, shrimp, potatoes, onions and lemons.  A bottle of hot sauce stands next to the lantern to spice things up a bit.  Want to be a bit more traditional?  We also have a Frogmore Stew invitation which features a red picnic blanket setting with a large blue boiling pot and a bowl of frogmore stew spilling over onto the blanket.  Hot sauce and a shell cracker garnish the table.

Hungry yet?  Check out some of our spicy low country boil invitations and host your own seafood boil!