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Pig Pickin’ Invitations & BBQ Invitations

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Only in North Carolina!!  You’ll hear this quite a bit from us northerners who have relocated to the amazing southern states… is locates in Cary, North Carolina, which you’ll often hear that our city name stands for Central Area for Relocated Yankees!!  In moving from the northeast to the sweet south, I have slowly become accustomed to some of North Carolina’s finest activities, customs and traditions, from tractor pulls to Nascar races, the yearly state fair and good old fashioned southern food.  One of my favorite North Carolina traditions has to be the traditional Pig Pickin’, (also known as a pig roast or rolling of the pig)!

A pig pickin’ is a BBQ themed party where an entire pig is barbecued inside a large black smoker grill or a fire pit.  A pig is typically about 100 pounds and costs about $500.00 a pig, which should feed the entire family.  The pig is roasted meat side down and then flipped mid-cook.  A typical pig cooks and smokes for up to eight hours!  Once cooked and pulled apart, the crowds will begin to gather as a vinegar based barbecue sauce is poured over the pork just before eating.  Pig pickins typically have a variety of southern side dishes to coordinate from hushpuppies to coleslaw, baked beans, collard greens and roasted corn.

Many southern families host pig pickins for holidays, weddings or summer parties.  My very own best friend is having a pig pickin’ for her bridal shower tomorrow, and we couldn’t be more excited for a day of sunshine, swimming and insanely tasty NC BBQ!

Ready to host your own pig pickin‘?  Or…maybe that’s not your thing and you’d rather just grill up a few hamburgers and hot dogs?  The summer is a great time of year to gather family, friends, close co-workers and neighbors together for a relaxing day of good food, great drinks and amazing friends in the sunshine.  At we offer a variety of summer party invitations, bbq party invitations and pig pickin’ invitations that will help you set the scene for your barbecue party.  From sizzlin’ grill scenes to grill utensils, hamburgers, beer or picnic patterns, there’s a little something for every type of barbecue party.

Check out some of our favorite BBQ party invitations below and get ready to fire up that grill…