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Oyster Roast Invitations

Monday, June 13th, 2011

An old myth told us that oysters should only be eaten during months that end in “r”…which cover much of the cold months during the year.  However, this old folklore was created when oysters were shipped without refrigeration and could spoil.  That has long since changed and we can now enjoy these tasty sea creatures 12 months a year!

An oyster roast is a perfect way to celebrate an upcoming summer event, be it a summer kick-off party, an adult birthday party, an engagement party or a corporate event.  Like most traditions, the way you prepare your oysters will likely depend upon your family’s passed on traditions and recipes from generation to generation.  The most popular method for cooking oysters is roasting or steaming.  If steaming is the way for you, you’ll place oysters on a grill and cover them with a wet burlap sack which will cause the heat to loosen up the shells so that you can break them apart for eating.  If you prefer to grill, you can place your oysters directly onto a grill and in a few minutes the oysters will open naturally making prying open extremely easy.  For those who are a bit more adventurous, you can also serve your oysters raw.

Serve your oysters directly on the shell, straight from the grill or steamer, right after they’ve been cracked.  Add a little hot sauce and lemon juice and serve them up along side some saltines, melted butter, catsup or cocktail sauce.  Mouth watering already?  I thought so!

Set the scene for your seafood themed party with an oyster roast invitation.  Choose a casual invitation with a seafood spread with all the fix-ins with hot sauce, lemons, potatoes and butter or a dinner scene by the ocean.  If you’re hosting a more formal seafood party we also have formal oyster roast invitations which feature elegant nautical and map themes with formal place settings set for a seafood meal.  Whatever and wherever you’ll be shucking, the perfect oyster party invitation is just waiting to be cracked!

Take a look at some of our favorite oyster roast party invitations below and get crackin’!!