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Bachelorette Party Invitations

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

She’s got the ring…now it’s time for one last fling!  Celebrate her last few nights of being single with a bachelorette party to celebrate the end of her single days and the beginning of her married life!  A bachelorette party is a great way to spend time with your bridal party and the women attending your wedding.  Create a lasting bond and unforgettable memories with the girls that have been by your side throughout your single life and who will continue to be a staple in your married life.

When planning your bachelorette party, invite all bridesmaids to get in on the fun to host the bride the best single night she’s ever had!  When planning your party, keep in mind the bride’s personality, be it relaxed and a bit more reserved or wild, crazy and out of control!  If you have a more reserved bride, you may want to host a bachelorette spa day and spend the daylight hours being pampered.  Follow your spa day with cocktails at an outdoor grille after and perhaps shower her with lingerie gifts.  If your bride-to-be likes to take a walk on the wild side, you may want to consider a night out on the town in a limo with stops at your favorite dance club, brewing company or maybe even a strip club!  Have her wear a white veil or a bachelorette sash so that everyone knows that it is her special night.  Thinking that one night of fun just isn’t enough?  You might want to think about doing a bachelorette weekend getaway!  Think vegas, the beach or the mountains – whatever suits her best.  Everyone can chip in for a room, (as you won’t be doing much sleeping), or you can plan a road trip with the girls.

Once you’ve made your plans for your bachelorette party, set the scene with a chic bachelorette party invitation that gives a glimpse of the very special night up ahead.  Our bachelorette party invitations range from sassy and simple with beach scenes, lingerie designs, spa party themes, city scapes and limo scenes to wild and crazy with animal print invitations including zebra stripes and cheetah print to high heels and pearls, little black dress invitations, cocktail themed invitations and brides in white mini dresses wearing a bachelorette veil.  Choose an invitation which best embodies the personality of the bride-to-be and also lets your guests know what kind of event they are attending.  If guests want to bring a gift, let it be a fun gag-gift or a lingerie item.

Check out some of our favorite bachelorette party invitations below….