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Halloween Wedding Invitations

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

‘Til death do us part…A regular part of our wedding vows, and such an appropriate vow if you’re choosing Halloween to be the first day of your married life!  Halloween weddings can seem to be a bit taboo, however they are growing increasingly popular in these modern times.

A Halloween wedding can be extremely fun if your guests will join in on the festivities – whether you ask them to come in costume or take part in a themed Halloween wedding.  Or, if you prefer a bit more elegance at your wedding, you may want to make it a vintage Halloween theme with antique attire, an old fashioned our outdoor ceremony setting and ornate lace decor.

The color palette of a Halloween wedding also opens up for a world full of coordinating hues and compilations from red, black and white to orange, plum, silver or yellow.  You can even add fall colors into the mix including green, brown, orange and dark blue.  When choosing your Halloween wedding venue, you may want to choose an old mansion or a famously haunted hotel or castle.  Set the scene for your Halloween wedding at sunset or dusk so that your wedding theme comes alive.  Decorate your venue with vibrant color accented table cloths, tree branch centerpieces and votive candles throughout.  Choose a tall wedding cake which carries out your Halloween theme with perhaps a vintage lace design or a red floral pattern.

In our fall Halloween Invitation line, Noteworthy Collections has introduced this amazing invitation here above, called the Skeleton Wedding.  This eerie yet loving invitation features a red background with an etched black outer border.  Two trees made up of skeletons adorn the top center of the card with branches as their arms and roots as their feet.  This creepy yet romantic invitation gives the impression that love grows from two into one as long as the roots are firm, just like love.  This passionate invitation is available in a multitude of colors, to help coordinate with your wedding theme.  Choose from silver & black, tangerine & black, plum and black or red and black, as shown.  Like a traditional wedding invitation, this Halloween wedding invitation is available with reply cards and return address labels to create a coordinating ensemble.

Ready to create your own Halloween Wedding Invitation to set the scene for your special day? Check out our entire Halloween Wedding Invitation Collection at!