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Lobster Bake Invitations

Monday, June 20th, 2011

lobster bake invitationsWho’s got the butter?!  If you’re from the south, the seafood boils and bakes tend to revolve around crabs, shrimp and crawfish – however if you are from the north, it’s all about this big vibrant invertebrate here on our left – the lobster!  Large, juicy and truly a delight, these fun creatures go great with a ton of butter, lemon juice, potatoes and corn – all the essentials you’ll see at a traditional lobster bake!

Lobster bakes are typically cooked over a large fire fit at the beach or they are done as a lobster boil in a large pot in a large back yard setting.  If going with the fire pit route, your food is cooked in layers with potatoes and onion wrapped in foil placed over seaweed, followed by a layer of corn on the cob and then the lobsters.  Some lobster bake chefs may even place clams on top of the lobster to create a bit of color contrast and variety.  Your lobsters will cook for about an hour, depending on the size and quantity of lobsters you have baking.  Be sure to keep your fire stoked and test to see if they are done by cracking a claw before you enjoy!

Lobster bakes are great for large family gatherings, be it a summer party, a retirement celebration or a family reunion.  They also work well for casual beach weddings, couples showers, corporate parties or adult summer birthday parties…nothing is better than having the entire family together with friends and neighbors at the shore with great seafood and beer.

Set the scene for your lobster bake party with a lobster bake invitation that will grab your guests’s attention by the claw!  Our lobster bake invitations feature giant lobster claws, picnic scenes, oceanic beach themes, overflowing seafood plates, northeast country scenes and seafood place settings.  One of my favorite cards, shown below, is the giant lobster claw invitation from Noteworthy Collections which features a hinge at the bottom which looks like it might just take off a finger or two!  We also carry lobster themed stickers which will go great for envelope seals or party favors if you’re having a shower or a wedding.

Add some spice to your next party with a lobster bake out by the sea!  Below are some of our favorite lobster bake party invitations which will truly make your mouth water!!!

lobster boil invitations