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Moving Announcements & Housewarming Invitations

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone – whether you’re moving a family of six or a house of one!  There’s boxes to pack, belongings to sort, Grandma’ china to wrap that you’re paranoid to break and a moving team that works at an hourly rate who just took their third break in an hour!  Okay, so maybe moving is not THAT bad, (made you laugh, didn’t I??), but it can be a very hectic time for anyone!

A week or so before your move, you may want to consider shopping for and purchasing moving announcements.  Moving announcements can be sent a week or two prior to your move, all the way up to a month or so after you move.  The main purpose is to inform your family, friends, clients, neighbors and co-workers of your new residence and all of your new contact information.  Start your moving announcement by informing the reader who you are, (list your family member’s names), and that you’ve moved.  List your new address and any other information you’d like for the reader to have, including your new house phone number, cell phone numbers and email addresses.  Having all of your contact information together in one place is very handy for your recipient.  As they’ll likely refer to it often, you’ll want to make sure the moving announcement you choose is stylish, appropriate and reflects your moving location, should you be making a big move.   Our moving announcements feature skeleton key designs, moving trucks, boxes filled with belongings, state themes and house designs.

Ready to party after the boxes are unpacked?  We thought so!  Invite your friends and family members to come see your new pad with a housewarming party invitation to help you celebrate your new digs with your favorite people.  Choose a housewarming invitation with a digital photograph of your new house, a posh furniture design, a ‘we’ve moved’ moving sign, a city scape scene or a blueprint design of your new humble abode.  Ask your guests to come over for an open house to view your new home and serve up some cocktails or bbq while your guests join you for the day.  When you plan your housewarming party, make sure you’ve waited until all of your unpacking is finished so that you can have a stress-free party to really enjoy your new pad!

Take a look at some of our favorite housewarming party invitations and moving announcements below…