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Tool & Garden Shower Invitations

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Drill it. Nail it. Glue it.  Whatever way you need to fix it, he’ll be there by her side.  Bridal showers aren’t all about the bride anymore…they’re about the groom too!  Whether you have a couples shower or strictly a groom’s shower, it’s the popular thing to do for weddings nowadays.   Why did we ever consider leaving the groom out in the first place?

Typically known as a tool & garden couple’s shower, a honey-do shower, a his & hers shower or a tools shower, these types of showers are great for helping the bride and groom receive exactly what they need for their new life together…especially if the bride and groom are building a new home or fixing up an old home to make into their humble abode.  She’ll need garden tools to help decorate the yard and he’ll need hammers, tools, saws and a tool bench to work on the house or out in the garage.  Or, keep it simple with things he likes, (think grilling items and beer), and things she likes, (think wine, cooking utensils, linens and lingerie).  These types of showers also work great for the bride and groom that have a lot of joint friends that hang out normally as couples.  This way everyone is included and can attend the shower together, rather than excluding the men or women from the event.

Set the scene for your couples shower or tools shower with a posh invitation to coordinate!  Just as the themes for popular bridal showers evolve, so do our vendor’s designs!  We have some great new tool and garden shower invitation designs this summer that are sure to grab your guests attention!  And the great thing about them is that your guests won’t have any confusion about what items to buy for gifts with these detailed invites!  Choose from his things and her things buckets, garden themed invitations, tool themed invitations, borders scattered with things for him and her, cooking utensils, grilling items and scenes of the bride and groom.

Help the bride and groom to fix, mix and plant and check out some of our modern tool and garden shower invitations below…