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New Doc Milo Invitations

Friday, June 24th, 2011

An invitation should really be just as fabulous as you are!  I have heard people say that an Invitation is just a piece of paper that people toss to the side with junk mail, but when you think about it, the sentiment behind an invitation is so much more!  An invitation sets the scene for your entire event.  It informs your guests of the special event you’re celebrating, lets them know the formality of the event and is a reflection of the party host and honoree.  There’s no reason why you should settle when planning your baby shower, bridal shower or birthday party invitations!

One of our newest vendors truly captures the modern woman and couples of the world – Doc Milo!  Doc Milo invitations feature chic, sassy and vibrant designs that actually look like you and showcase your individual, trendy personality!  Their newest release features baby shower invitations, bridal shower invitations, engagement party invitations and sweet 16 invitations capturing the life of today’s modern girl.  Think animal print, expecting mothers in vibrantly colored pumps, brides taking a moment to lounge in a gift-covered couch (shown top left corner), girls in black party dresses blowing out their candles and summer party invitations with outdoor bar scenes with posh friends.  No weddings, babies or children in your future?  Doc Milo also now has moving announcements, featuring one of my favorites – a “change of a dress” cards – which showcases a girl behind a changing station choosing the perfect little black dress in a chic boutique.

Below is a small preview of the brand new Doc Milo Invitation designs that were introduced to our website yesterday.  One of the best things about it is that they have included a variety of designs including blondes, brunettes and African Americans…because we all don’t look alike, so why should our invitation look like the girl down the street instead of the girl the party is actually for?  It shouldn’t!  And Doc Milo truly captures each girl for her unique personality, style and looks.  Enjoy!