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Unique Halloween Party Invitations

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Sometimes it’s fun to do things a little bit outside the box – and Halloween is the perfect time to host a party that is a bit, let’s just say…off the rocker?  Themed parties can be extremely fun to host and with Halloween being in the fall season, it gives you a lot of opportunity to host a unique party.  Even if dressing up for Halloween isn’t exactly your thing, you can still host a fall themed party to get your guests ready for the spooky season ahead.

The below party invitations are featured in our brand new Halloween party invitation collection and may spark an idea or two for hosting your own fall or Halloween party.  These party themes are certainly one-of-a-kind – the perfect type of party for your guests to never forget!

Murder Mystery Party Invitations – Care for a game of ‘who dunnit?’  Could it be your neighbor that you’ve always felt was a little too mysterious when he was digging up his garden?  Maybe it’s the family dog who always barks randomly – or your own husband or wife?  You never know at one of these parties!  Invite your friends over for a murder mystery party where each guest receives a character card as they arrive, which describes their character to portray for the evening.  One lucky guest may just be the person in question who is sadly murdering guests as they arrive.  Play out the entire show throughout dinner, and you may even want to let some guests in on the act so that they can keep the flow going throughout the party.  Coordinate your party with the fabulous invitation here on the left which features a white chalk drawing at a murder scene with yellow crime scene tape at the top – perfect!

Fortune Teller / Ouija Board Party Invitations – Take a look into my crystal ball!  Want to know the future, or contact someone from your past?  Halloween is a great time to host a fortune telling or ghost-contacting party that will raise the hairs on the back of your guests head!  This fabulously creative Ouija Board inspired invitation features a background that looks like the favorite game we all played at sleepovers as kids with an antique ivory and black background and sun and moon designs in the top corners.  Have a fortune teller make a preview at your fun party or see who can contact the most celebrities in an hour.  Just make sure you put the spirits to rest before heading home!

Formal Halloween Dinner Party Invitations – Ready to set the dinner scene for a spooky yet formal occasion?  Black tie can be extremely elegant, however when held during the Halloween season can seem a bit eerie.  Set the scene for your next dinner party with a slight horror theme with this Gothic invitation which features a black antique background with a scrolling skull design at the bottom.  A crisp white spider’s web adorns the top of the card with a spider hanging from a single web string about to make way into your invitation wording.  This classic, elegant and horrific invitation will let your guests know your event is formal, but also allow you to jazz up the evening with a little bit of traditional Halloween fright.  Serve up some creepy cocktails in a vintage dining room, and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect Halloween dinner party to die for!

Check out the entire Halloween party invitation collection at  Let us warn you, your guests may be begging you to leave after attending your party!