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Men’s 21st Birthday Party Invitations

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

As we get older, there’s a few milestones that we never forget!  From the day we learned to drive at 16 to being able to vote at 18, drink at 21 or having our car insurance drop down in cost at 25…there was always an upcoming birthday milestone to look forward to.  And we all remember anxiously awaiting the day when we finally turned 21…when we’re finally legal to drink, (not that we’ve ever had anything to drink before that)!  Your 21st birthday party is a day you’re likely never to forget, so make sure it’s one for the books!

Some of our newest party invitations are perfect for setting the scene for a male’s 21st birthday, like these beer pong party invitations above.  I absolutely love this invitation with the blue grunge background and a pyramid of red drinking cups set up for beer pong.  It even has a white ping pong ball in the bottom right corner for your RSVP info.  It will completely take you back to the days of frat parties in the basement at the local fraternity with the old table made of a slab of splintery wood that you played flip cup and beer pong upon for hours on end…and it could be a great outdoor activity at your next laid back party.  Be sure to have the camera ready!

If you’re keeping your 21st birthday laid back, think about a night out at the local club or pub with all of your best friends, and the more friends and family you have coming, the better.  Be sure to have your ID handy and expect lots of free drinks!  Before you head out to the bars, ask your friends and family members to come over for a barbecue or dinner with family to celebrate your birthday.  Choose a 21st birthday party invitation that will set the scene for your birthday and the way you want to celebrate, like the ones shown below.  The invitations shown below feature two dark beers on ice melting in the sun, a whiskey-inspired liquor label invitation, a keg in the sunshine and a mod blue striped invitation full of wine and classy cocktails.  Choose the invitation that best matches your party style and remember, if you tap it, they will come!