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William Arthur Wedding Invitations

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

As soon your invitation’s envelope flap is lifted, your guests instantaneously receive a preview of the very special event to follow…your wedding day.  Your wedding invitation is the first indication of your big day, and there’s no reason that your wedding invitation shouldn’t be just as special as your wedding ceremony and reception.  It should portray an element of sophistication, class, romance and importance and signify the clarity and certainty of your love for one another, as you prepare to become husband and wife.

William Arthur is a highly well-known stationery vendor whose company began in 1949 with their Ten Bamboo stationery studio, now known as we know it, as William Arthur.  Started by Philip and Rita Renning, the company began with a calligraphy and printing studio and is actually a subsidiary of one of our favorite card retailers, Hallmark Cards!  William Arthur offers high-end, distinguished products printed on high-quality card stocks with a classic, understated, yet impressionable design with a slight contemporary twist.  The company is based on a foundation of highly skilled craftsmanship, creativity and impression, which is simply the perfect setting for a wedding invitation to be created.

The William Arthur wedding invitation collection embodies true love and elegance in a classic collection of wedding invitations and ensembles, all with a slight contemporary edge.  From save the date cards to wedding invitations, reception card, response cards, wedding stationery, place cards and wedding programs, William Arthur is with you from the day he proposes, to the days after you say “I do”.  Their invitations come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs, depending on your personal style.

William Arthur also offers unique printing processes that you don’t have options for from most other vendors.  You may choose from digital printing, flat printing, thermography printing, engraved printing or letterpress printing.  Digital and flat printing allows for the most cost-effective print and also lends to multiple colored patterns and designs.  Thermography printing is an extremely popular print method which features raised printing at a much more affordable price than engraving or letterpress.  Engraved printing is done with a copper plate which makes an impression into the card stock, which is one of the most elegant, timeless and classic printing methods.  Letterpress is actually done on a fibrous and textured card stock which features your text impressed into the paper, creating a lusciously unforgettable design.

Below you’ll see a small glimpse of our William Arthur Wedding Invitations collection.  Starting on the left is one of my favorites, featuring a dark blue card stock and engraved crisp white printing.  Pair the invitation with a grey stock envelope with a lace inner liner.  The second invitation is actually a digital print, which allows for multiple colors and patterns to be printed without the high registration fees…simply stunning for a spring or fall wedding.  The third invitation features a mandarin poppy design on a bright white card stock which is highly complimented by a mandarin orange envelope with a charcoal liner…perfect for spring or summer weddings.  And lastly, on the right, quite native to North Carolina, a textured ivory letterpress invitation with a gorgeous green border of dogwood flowers – simply stunning!  Set the scene for your big day with an invitation that truly embodies your love and respect for one another…you’ll find nothing less in this classic and contemporary collection!

Halloween Wedding Invitations

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

‘Til death do us part…A regular part of our wedding vows, and such an appropriate vow if you’re choosing Halloween to be the first day of your married life!  Halloween weddings can seem to be a bit taboo, however they are growing increasingly popular in these modern times.

A Halloween wedding can be extremely fun if your guests will join in on the festivities – whether you ask them to come in costume or take part in a themed Halloween wedding.  Or, if you prefer a bit more elegance at your wedding, you may want to make it a vintage Halloween theme with antique attire, an old fashioned our outdoor ceremony setting and ornate lace decor.

The color palette of a Halloween wedding also opens up for a world full of coordinating hues and compilations from red, black and white to orange, plum, silver or yellow.  You can even add fall colors into the mix including green, brown, orange and dark blue.  When choosing your Halloween wedding venue, you may want to choose an old mansion or a famously haunted hotel or castle.  Set the scene for your Halloween wedding at sunset or dusk so that your wedding theme comes alive.  Decorate your venue with vibrant color accented table cloths, tree branch centerpieces and votive candles throughout.  Choose a tall wedding cake which carries out your Halloween theme with perhaps a vintage lace design or a red floral pattern.

In our fall Halloween Invitation line, Noteworthy Collections has introduced this amazing invitation here above, called the Skeleton Wedding.  This eerie yet loving invitation features a red background with an etched black outer border.  Two trees made up of skeletons adorn the top center of the card with branches as their arms and roots as their feet.  This creepy yet romantic invitation gives the impression that love grows from two into one as long as the roots are firm, just like love.  This passionate invitation is available in a multitude of colors, to help coordinate with your wedding theme.  Choose from silver & black, tangerine & black, plum and black or red and black, as shown.  Like a traditional wedding invitation, this Halloween wedding invitation is available with reply cards and return address labels to create a coordinating ensemble.

Ready to create your own Halloween Wedding Invitation to set the scene for your special day? Check out our entire Halloween Wedding Invitation Collection at!

Bachelorette Party Invitations

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

She’s got the ring…now it’s time for one last fling!  Celebrate her last few nights of being single with a bachelorette party to celebrate the end of her single days and the beginning of her married life!  A bachelorette party is a great way to spend time with your bridal party and the women attending your wedding.  Create a lasting bond and unforgettable memories with the girls that have been by your side throughout your single life and who will continue to be a staple in your married life.

When planning your bachelorette party, invite all bridesmaids to get in on the fun to host the bride the best single night she’s ever had!  When planning your party, keep in mind the bride’s personality, be it relaxed and a bit more reserved or wild, crazy and out of control!  If you have a more reserved bride, you may want to host a bachelorette spa day and spend the daylight hours being pampered.  Follow your spa day with cocktails at an outdoor grille after and perhaps shower her with lingerie gifts.  If your bride-to-be likes to take a walk on the wild side, you may want to consider a night out on the town in a limo with stops at your favorite dance club, brewing company or maybe even a strip club!  Have her wear a white veil or a bachelorette sash so that everyone knows that it is her special night.  Thinking that one night of fun just isn’t enough?  You might want to think about doing a bachelorette weekend getaway!  Think vegas, the beach or the mountains – whatever suits her best.  Everyone can chip in for a room, (as you won’t be doing much sleeping), or you can plan a road trip with the girls.

Once you’ve made your plans for your bachelorette party, set the scene with a chic bachelorette party invitation that gives a glimpse of the very special night up ahead.  Our bachelorette party invitations range from sassy and simple with beach scenes, lingerie designs, spa party themes, city scapes and limo scenes to wild and crazy with animal print invitations including zebra stripes and cheetah print to high heels and pearls, little black dress invitations, cocktail themed invitations and brides in white mini dresses wearing a bachelorette veil.  Choose an invitation which best embodies the personality of the bride-to-be and also lets your guests know what kind of event they are attending.  If guests want to bring a gift, let it be a fun gag-gift or a lingerie item.

Check out some of our favorite bachelorette party invitations below….

Oyster Roast Invitations

Monday, June 13th, 2011

An old myth told us that oysters should only be eaten during months that end in “r”…which cover much of the cold months during the year.  However, this old folklore was created when oysters were shipped without refrigeration and could spoil.  That has long since changed and we can now enjoy these tasty sea creatures 12 months a year!

An oyster roast is a perfect way to celebrate an upcoming summer event, be it a summer kick-off party, an adult birthday party, an engagement party or a corporate event.  Like most traditions, the way you prepare your oysters will likely depend upon your family’s passed on traditions and recipes from generation to generation.  The most popular method for cooking oysters is roasting or steaming.  If steaming is the way for you, you’ll place oysters on a grill and cover them with a wet burlap sack which will cause the heat to loosen up the shells so that you can break them apart for eating.  If you prefer to grill, you can place your oysters directly onto a grill and in a few minutes the oysters will open naturally making prying open extremely easy.  For those who are a bit more adventurous, you can also serve your oysters raw.

Serve your oysters directly on the shell, straight from the grill or steamer, right after they’ve been cracked.  Add a little hot sauce and lemon juice and serve them up along side some saltines, melted butter, catsup or cocktail sauce.  Mouth watering already?  I thought so!

Set the scene for your seafood themed party with an oyster roast invitation.  Choose a casual invitation with a seafood spread with all the fix-ins with hot sauce, lemons, potatoes and butter or a dinner scene by the ocean.  If you’re hosting a more formal seafood party we also have formal oyster roast invitations which feature elegant nautical and map themes with formal place settings set for a seafood meal.  Whatever and wherever you’ll be shucking, the perfect oyster party invitation is just waiting to be cracked!

Take a look at some of our favorite oyster roast party invitations below and get crackin’!!


Pig Pickin’ Invitations & BBQ Invitations

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Only in North Carolina!!  You’ll hear this quite a bit from us northerners who have relocated to the amazing southern states… is locates in Cary, North Carolina, which you’ll often hear that our city name stands for Central Area for Relocated Yankees!!  In moving from the northeast to the sweet south, I have slowly become accustomed to some of North Carolina’s finest activities, customs and traditions, from tractor pulls to Nascar races, the yearly state fair and good old fashioned southern food.  One of my favorite North Carolina traditions has to be the traditional Pig Pickin’, (also known as a pig roast or rolling of the pig)!

A pig pickin’ is a BBQ themed party where an entire pig is barbecued inside a large black smoker grill or a fire pit.  A pig is typically about 100 pounds and costs about $500.00 a pig, which should feed the entire family.  The pig is roasted meat side down and then flipped mid-cook.  A typical pig cooks and smokes for up to eight hours!  Once cooked and pulled apart, the crowds will begin to gather as a vinegar based barbecue sauce is poured over the pork just before eating.  Pig pickins typically have a variety of southern side dishes to coordinate from hushpuppies to coleslaw, baked beans, collard greens and roasted corn.

Many southern families host pig pickins for holidays, weddings or summer parties.  My very own best friend is having a pig pickin’ for her bridal shower tomorrow, and we couldn’t be more excited for a day of sunshine, swimming and insanely tasty NC BBQ!

Ready to host your own pig pickin‘?  Or…maybe that’s not your thing and you’d rather just grill up a few hamburgers and hot dogs?  The summer is a great time of year to gather family, friends, close co-workers and neighbors together for a relaxing day of good food, great drinks and amazing friends in the sunshine.  At we offer a variety of summer party invitations, bbq party invitations and pig pickin’ invitations that will help you set the scene for your barbecue party.  From sizzlin’ grill scenes to grill utensils, hamburgers, beer or picnic patterns, there’s a little something for every type of barbecue party.

Check out some of our favorite BBQ party invitations below and get ready to fire up that grill…

Kids Birthday Party Invitations

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Remember as a kid how exciting your birthday was?  You’d start dreaming about your special day months ahead, picking out the theme, who you were going to invite and what your invitations would look like!  At, we understand that birthdays are very special and important, not just for the birthday boy or girl, but also for their parents.  A child’s birthday marks another year older, and an anniversary of your baby’s first day in the world!  When planning your child’s birthday party, be sure you choose an invitation that matches your party theme, and one that your child will be excited over.  Send your party invitations out about 2-3 weeks before their special day, or longer for out of town guests.

Below is just a small preview of some of our most popular kids birthday party invitations

Boy Birthday Party Invitations – Calling all superheroes and villains!  Your little boy’s birthday should be just as special as he is!  Our boy birthday party invitations feature superhero themes, like the one on the left, or other fun designs featuring bounce house invitations, pizza party invitations, rock climbing invitations, jungle animal invitations, pirate party invitations, dinosaur party invitations, sports party invitations, construction party invitations, down on the farm party invitations, video game invitations and more.  You can choose an invitation with a whimsical and fun cartoon theme or choose an invitation with a digital photograph which doubles as a fantastic invitation and a fun milestone for mom, dad and family members.  Let your little boy’s personality shine with the perfect kids party invitation.

Girl Birthday Party Invitations – You’re invited to her royal highness’s big birthday extravaganza!  Celebrating your little girl’s birthday is a very special event, and her invitation should be just as special!  Our girl birthday party invitations feature all of her favorite things from princess party invitations like the one shown here on the right to mermaid party invitations, art party invitations, cowgirl party invitations, kids spa party invitations, candy party invitations, sleepover party invitations and more.  Make her party as fun, stylish and cool as she is with a girl birthday party invitation to coordinate!

1st Birthday Party Invitations – From the first time your baby smiles, laughs or takes their first steps, you’ve been there all along the way.  Celebrate your baby’s very first birthday with an invitation that captures their unique personality as they grow up in the world.  Our 1st birthday party invitations feature a variety of invitation styles featuring digital photographs, like the invitation on the left, as well as themed 1st birthday party invitations featuring cupcake invitations, jungle animal invitations, monkey party invitations, teddy bear invitations, number 1 party invitations, train party invitations and flower party invitations.  Set the scene for your baby’s big first birthday with an invitation to match.  Keep an extra invitation for a keepsake for mom, dad and the entire family, including grandparents, aunts and uncles!

Ready to start planning your child’s birthday party?  Our kids party invitations range from birthday years from one to seventeen and feature boy birthday invitations, girl birthday invitations, gender neutral birthday invitations, 1st birthday party invitations, sweet 16 party invitations and even kids fill-in party invitations.  Let us be your one-stop-shop for all of your party planning needs!

Pool Party Invitations

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Summer is upon us!  In North Carolina it’s been in the upper 90’s to 100’s lately, and from what I hear, the hot weather is spreading around to our neighboring states too, and it’s only going to get hotter!  Spending a day at the pool has become an essential weekend activity, one that I am oh-so-happy to oblige.  Good friends, good food, the sun shining and a way to cool off with a dip in the pool.  What could be better?

Beat the summer heat by hosting your own pool party!  Whether you’re planning a summer kick-off party for the kids, just recently out of school, a kids birthday pool party or perhaps an adult cocktail pool party, it’s a fun event that everyone will be happy to attend.  Set the scene for your pool party with a perfect pool party invitation that will really heat things up!  Choose a themed pool party invitation with a tropical Hawaiian luau, beer and cocktail, nautical, flip flop and sunglasses or water slide theme.  You can even choose a beach/ocean themed background for a more formal summer party or event.

Check out a small preview of our beach and pool party invitations below!  The first invitation is perfect for corporate pool parties, adult pool parties or spa days with your girlfriends by the pool.  It’s serene, yet vibrant!  The second invitation you’ll see is actually one of our wiggler cards from Paper so Pretty which features a large waterside theme with a boy die-cut wiggling down the slide into a pool of splashing water.  Another kids pool party invitation follow from Doc Milo which features four best friends floating in a pool with flippers, snorkels, tubes and beach balls…perfect for kids summer pool parties.  Hosting a night swim party?  One of our favorites, the last invitation on the right features a mod yet urban night swim themed invite with a large martini cocktail on the right and  four couples chilling in a pool outside the city.  Ready to take a dip?   Dive into our beach and pool party invitations and cool off this summer!

NEW Noteworthy Halloween Invitations

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Do you dare?  You’re in for a scare!  Noteworthy Collections has just released their 2011 Halloween invitation collection nice and early before the fall season creeps upon us!  We’re very excited about the new designs they’ve created, which features over 250 brand new designs, patterns and themes for the spookiest fall holiday!  From Halloween greeting cards to adult Halloween party invitations, kids Halloween party invitations, Halloween response cards and Halloween stickers, there’s a little something for every ghost and goblin shopper out there!  The kids collection features whimsical Halloween invitations which are kid-friendly, and not too scary!  They focus on kids costumes, whimsical characters and traditional Halloween icons.  We can’t promise the same with the adult Halloween party invitation collection, which features unsightly skeletons, graveyard scenes, haunted cocktails and witches brew.

Below is a small preview of the amazing Noteworthy Halloween party invitations you’ll see this fall season…don’t be scared, now!

Halloween Greeting Cards – Send a spooktacular fall greeting to family and friends with a Halloween greeting card featuring a digital photograph of the kids carving pumpkins, or the family playing outside in a pile of leaves!  Noteworthy’s Halloween greeting cards feature fun Halloween themed patterns with plaid stripes, polka dots and stars with fun Halloween hues in black, orange, green and purple.  Available with or without bows, (depending on your budget), they’re sure to grab the attention of your recipients.  Send your Halloween greeting cards out just before the spooky holiday on October 31st, or a few weeks after in case you want to send a photo of the kids dressed in their Halloween costumes.  We also have fall greeting cards which feature thanksgiving or autumn scenes, in case spooking your recipients isn’t your forte!

Kids Halloween Greeting Cards – Remember the days of trick or treating and planning all month for the perfect costume to wear?  Help your kids celebrate Halloween with a fun kids Halloween party invitation.  Perfect for classroom parties at school, kids birthday parties during the fall season or  a neighborhood get-together for kids and their parents, these kids Halloween invitations are sure to treat, not trick!  The newest kids Halloween party invitation designs feature whimsical characters with bats, witches, goblins, zombies, haunted houses and the ever-so-famous Jack-O-Lantern.  Noteworthy also has brand new monster invitations which work great for Halloween party invitations, as well as kids birthday party invitations.  Everyone has a little monster that wants to celebrate Halloween!  Remember we also have Halloween photo cards, like this one on the right!

Adult Halloween Party Invitations – May the weak and the wary beware!  Noteworthy Collection’s new adult Halloween party invitations are quite creepy, eerie and sometimes downright scary!  With a bit of a contemporary flare this year, you’ll see vintage borders with antique cracks and scrolls, unsightly skeletons, (like the one on our left), creepy haunted houses, mummies coming out of the ground, deep and dark graveyards, cauldrons bubbling as well as caution tape from a murder scene!  Whether you’re planning a Halloween wedding, a Halloween cocktail party or a Halloween costume party, there’s a little something for each Halloween fanatic to help you set the scene!


Ready to host your own Halloween party?  Check out all of our Halloween Invitations at!  Just make sure you don’t spook your guests into not attending your event!  Something tells me these invitations will entice each and every one of your guests!

Low Country Boil Invitations

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Who’s ready for a relaxing and delicious low country boil?  A tradition of the lower eastern states, a low country boil is a popular party theme for rehearsal dinners, 4th of July celebrations, adult birthday parties and summer parties as this yummy compilation of food feeds many very easily.

Low country boil parties feature a relaxed atmosphere surrounding a large and fulfilling seafood dish and compiled with other yummy ingredients boiled together including shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes and onions.  Your low country boil can easily be served and cleaned up by serving the dish upon newspaper.  Use a removable drain basket, (like the one pictured on the left for easy cooking and distribution.  Remember, the more people you invite, the larger the pot and more food you’ll need!

I did some research on Low Country Boils and found out that a low country boil used to be referred to as Frogmore Stew…this I have heard many times!  The history behind this one-pot recipe combination goes back to the 1960’s when a National Guard needed to cook a meal to feed 100 soldiers.  Richard Gay created this wonderful seafood stew which was passed on and still remains today.  Frogmore was the name of the town that Gay was originally from, which has since been changed.  With the change of the city name, the dish quickly evolved into the low country boil.

Thinking about hosting your own low country boil with some southern flare?  Be sure to set the scene for your seafood party with a low country boil invitation that will have your guests’ mouths watering as soon as they open your invitation envelope.  One of my favorite brand new invitation designs we have on our website is by Noteworthy collections, which features a light tan woodgrain background with a large black lantern in the background.  It’s called the Low Country Boil Invitation and features a large pot of corn, potatoes, sausage, shrimp, potatoes, onions and lemons.  A bottle of hot sauce stands next to the lantern to spice things up a bit.  Want to be a bit more traditional?  We also have a Frogmore Stew invitation which features a red picnic blanket setting with a large blue boiling pot and a bowl of frogmore stew spilling over onto the blanket.  Hot sauce and a shell cracker garnish the table.

Hungry yet?  Check out some of our spicy low country boil invitations and host your own seafood boil!

Surprise Party Invitations

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Keep your lips zipped!  Can your family and friends keep a surprise party a secret?  It can be one of the hardest types of parties to plan, but also one of the most fun and most rewarding, too!  The look on the honoree’s face will be priceless as they walk into an unexpected event planned especially for them!  Surprise birthday parties are typically held for milestone birthdays, the ones where your husband or wife swears they DON’T want a birthday party to celebrate their 30th, 40th, 50th, or 60th.  But since when have you ever listened to a single thing they said?

When planning a surprise party, you’ll want to be sure that everyone keeps the party a secret.  Send your surprise party invitations out about 2-4 weeks before the party date.  You want to send your invitations out far enough in advance so that everyone can attend, however at the same time, you’ll want to send it close enough to the even that people don’t have to keep a secret for weeks or months on-end.  If you send the invitations two months ahead, likely the surprise will be ruined…and nobody wants to be THAT person that ruined the surprise!

Make sure your surprise party invitation is clear about the party being a surprise…and if the design doesn’t indicate it, be sure to clearly note it in your invitation wording.  Our surprise party invitations feature one of a kind designs featuring “Shhh” cutouts, like the invitation above, invitations that look like confidential file folders, lips making the Shhhh sign, as well as milestone party invitations celebrating a specific party year.  When writing your invitation wording, and planning your surprise party, be sure to set the time of event for approximately 30 minutes before the honoree will arrive, and ask people to be prompt.  You don’t want the honoree seeing people walk in to their own party!  Also, be sure advise guests where to park so that you may keep the party a surprise.

Below are some of our favorite and most popular surprise party invitations!  Make someone’s year with a surprise party in their honor!  They’ll be surprised that all of their friends were in a such a secretive and fun surprise party just for them!