Halloween Photo Greeting Cards

This year we’re handing out treats…not tricks!  Keep in touch with loved ones this upcoming fall season with a Halloween photo greeting card.  I know what you’re thinking…aren’t greeting cards just for Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years?!  Not anymore.

One of the newest trends in the invitation and stationery world is sending greeting cards for all of the big holidays throughout the year, from Valentine’s Day to St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  It’s a great way to keep in touch with your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors throughout the year and send them good wishes all year long.  You will also be able to show how your children are growing or changing throughout the year…as we all know they grow so much!  Halloween photo greeting cards also make for great personal keepsakes, whether it’s an addition to a picture frame, scrapbook or placed under a magnet on Grandma’s fridge.  Send one out every year so that you can look back on them from year to year to see just how much everyone has changed over the years.

Our digital photo Halloween greeting cards feature anywhere from one to three photographs, depending on how many photos you’d like to share…or maybe you just have too many great photos of the kids to just decide on just one!  Each Halloween photo card features a Halloween themed design depending on your Halloween style, be it spooky or friendly, like the one in the top left corner of the blog featuring an array of candy corn under a preppy bookplate frame.  You’ll be able to choose from cards with pumpkin themes, candy themes, famous Halloween characters, black cats or skeleton designs.  Each card has a fun compilation of Halloween hues from black and orange to grey, lime green, orange and yellow.  Choose a card with a grosgrain or satin ribbon for elegant presentation or a card with a gingham, plaid or skull paisley pattern in a fun Halloween color.  Send your Halloween photo greeting cards out a few weeks before Halloween or maybe even a few weeks after, if you want to share photographs from your child’s trick-or-treating night of fun.  It’s a great transition from summer into the Halloween and fall season.

Ready to jump into the cool weather, falling leaves and spooky nature of the fall season?  Start browsing now for the perfect Halloween photo greeting card to show off your kids during this spooky season.  Dress them up in their favorite Halloween costume and spread a little joy this fall season to those that you care about the most!

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