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Camping Party Invitations

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Pitch a tent and lay out the sleeping bags.  Build a tall campfire and just sit and listen as the crickets chirp and the fire crackles.  Take turns telling ghost stories and roast marshmallows to make s’mores…

Spending a night out under the stars can sometimes seem like a thing of the past with today’s technology-obsessed world.  We can’t go anywhere without our iPhones, Blackberrys or laptops.  When was the last time you left your phone or computer for a few hours during the day?  Wouldn’t it be nice to take a night off from technology and spend it with your friends or family to celebrate this amazing world of nature that we live in?  Or, perhaps plan a camping party for your son or daughter’s upcoming birthday party?  Camping parties are very low-key and can be a bonding experience for any family or group of friends.

Camping parties for kids are most popular for kids ages 8 – 13.  You want to do it at an age where everyone is old enough to be comfortable being away from home for a night without Mom and Dad, but young enough to still get scared by a ghost story.  Or, if the kids are a lot younger, create a mock-camping party where parents can pick their kids up at night to go home and sleep.  When planning your camping themed party, set the scene with an array of tents and sleeping bags, or ask the kids to bring their own.  Be sure to have plenty of snacks on-hand from popcorn and trail mix to hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and of course s’mores!  Have the kids gather sticks from the woods to roast their own marshmallows for the s’mores.  Once everyone has their grub, sit down by the bonfire and tell ghost stories or secrets.  Need a fun activity to do?  Play an old fashioned game of flashlight tag when it gets dark outside.

Set the scene for your camping themed party with a camping party invitation to match!  We offer a variety of camping invitations and thank you notes for your son or daughter’s special day.  Choose from fun camping patterns with camouflage prints and antique lanterns.  We also have whimsical cartoon designs with kids at a camp sight looking up at the stars or roasting marshmallows, kids in sleeping bags or tents under the starry night sky.  Need it quick?  We also offer packs of camping fill-in invitations and thank you notes which feature coordinating double-sided designs with colored envelopes.

Check out some of our fun kids camping party invitations below…