Birth Announcements

Nothing is as special as the day your family of two becomes a family of three.  Share this special addition to your family with friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers with a birth announcement that will help you spread the news.

Our birth announcement collection features boy birth announcements with blue and green hues and things that little boys love from toys to trucks, cars, tractors and trains.  We also have girl birth announcements with pink, purple, yellow and green hues that feature delicate feminine patterns and things that little girls love from dolls to bows, baby animals, baby prams, and butterflies along with elegant damask, polka dot an gingham patterns.  We also offer a complete line of photo birth announcements, which is one of our most popular birth announcement collections.  Our photo birth announcements feature anywhere from one to three photographs, in case you can’t decide on just one.  Nothing is better than sharing a photograph of your baby’s first days in your arms, and it will be a keepsake for your baby album that you’ll look at for years to come.  It’s also a nice gesture to out of town birth announcement recipients who may not have the opportunity to come see the baby in person for quite some time.

When writing your birth announcement, there’s a few important details you’ll want to include or share with your recipients.  Start your announcement introducing your little one’s first and middle name, which we will typically print larger so that it stands out.  Follow your precious baby’s name with your baby’s birth date and weight in pounds and ounces.  You can also list how long your baby was, which is typically done in inches.  If you are not comfortable, or have an extremely small or large baby, feel free to leave the weight off of the announcement.  Just do whatever makes you comfortable.  You may also want to list the city your child was born in, in case you have a lot of distant relatives or friends.   End your birth announcement with the ‘announcing family’s’ names, including any brothers or sisters the new baby has.

You’ll want to send out your birth announcements shortly after your baby is born, however if you want to wait a few months to send out the announcements, feel free…there is no rush!  We understand that you want to share the amazing and life-changing news with your family members and friends, however nobody expects you to be writing addresses on your birth announcement envelopes in the hospital!  Take time to bond with your baby and then share the amazing news with the world!  If you’re sending out photo birth announcements, this will also give you ample time to take your photographs before sending them out.  Your recipients will be happy to receive your good news, whether it’s a week or three months after the baby is born.

Below are some of our most popular birth announcements.  Be sure to choose one that best matches your baby’s personality and feelings of excitement as new parents…


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