Baptism Invitations

Such a special day when your child is baptized and receives their rite of admission into the Christian Church.  It’s a day you’ll share with family and friends which marks a very spiritual and meaningful day in your baby’s life…as they begin building their relationship with Christ.

At we offer a complete line of baptism invitations and christening invitations which will help you celebrate your child’s important day.  Our baptism announcements are subtle, appropriate and delicate, just like your baby, and they also feature a religious theme with a traditional, celtic or contemporary cross.  Our baptism invitation designs also feature delicate patterns with damask, toile, scallops and floral patterns.  Colors are available in traditional blue and green for boys and girls, as well as feature more gender neutral themes in green and yellow in case you have more than one gender of a child having a baptism.  We also offer digital photo baptism invitations which will help you share a photograph of your child with your invitation recipients.

Your baptism invitation can double as an invitation to your child’s baptism, as well as an invitation to a luncheon following the religious services, as many host a lunch or dinner after the baptism to celebrate.  Send your baptism invitations out approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the event.

Below you’ll see some of our newest and most popular baptism and christening invitations.  The first card features a blue damask patterned top and bottom border with a contemporary blue and white scalloped cross inside a brown bubble at the top of the card.  The second baptism invitation shown features your baby’s digital photograph next to a large pink background which is screened with a large white cross which sits behind your text.  The third card shown is a personal favorite of mine, which features a Celtic themed four points cross and a cross patterned green top and bottom border.  The last card shown on the right is one of our newest designs, which features a bronze shimmer pocket which holds a blue paisley patterned insert card with a brown scalloped cross at the top.  A white ribbon wraps the ensemble to let your guests know the importance of your event.  All of the baptism invitations shown below are available in a variety of colors, depending on whether you need blue for a boy, pink for a girl or gender neutral.

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