Kids Movie Party Invitations

Everybody loves the movies, especially kids – whether it’s a cartoon, comedy or the ever-so-famous Harry Potter films.  So why not join your child’s love for the movies with the excitement for their birthday for one fabulous day?

Kids movie parties are very popular nowadays, whether it’s your child’s fifth birthday or their sweet sixteen.  Popular websites like Fandango will now release the dates and times of popular movies weeks ahead of time, and even let you pre-purchase tickets.  This way, you can make sure that if you’re seeing a popular movie, everyone will have a seat reserved!  Save money by purchasing bulk quantities of tickets or by reserving a matinee time rather than a night showing.  To make sure everyone gets there on time, invite all the kids over to your home for cake and presents prior to when the movie begins…and then you can all arrive and sit together.  Or, ask all the kids back to your house after for a slumber party.  Movie theater for 10-2o not in your budget?  Bring the movies to your home and make popcorn and enjoy the movies from the comfort of your couch.  You can even pull out the red carpet treatment and ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite movie star or character.

Take action and set the scene for your kids movie themed party with a movie invitation or theater party invitation from  Whether it’s a movie party for youngsters or early teens, we have the perfect movie party invitations to capture your fun party theme.  Choose from invitations with movie cameras, popcorn and movie tickets, large theatre screens, 3-d movie party invitations or cartoons of kids going to the movies.  If you need something a bit more mature we also have movie party invitations with movie reels, classic theatre and red carpet scenes, movie scene clappers and admission tickets.

Take a look at some of our most popular movie party invitations below…warning, they may cause popcorn cravings!

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