Non-Traditional Wedding Invitations

We’ve all seen the movie 27 Dresses… You know it well; the movie where Katherine Heigl is a bridesmaid in 27 different weddings that have the craziest wedding themes.  And the best part was the bridesmaids dresses that matched!  Being a bridesmaid and having to endure these thought-tastic-themed bridesmaids dresses can seem a bit fashion-victim-y, however when you think about it, a themed wedding really makes for a widely memorable and fun event for all of your guests.  There’s really no better way to have everyone excited, involved and participating in your big day.

So what kind of themed weddings are out there?  And where on earth do you go to find coordinating wedding invitations?, as always, delivers!  We all get a chuckle at some of the invitation designs our vendors put out from time to time – but the truth is – if you can dream it, we can create it.  Below are three of our most popular non-traditional wedding invitation themes that will help set the creative scene for your very big and important day!

Halloween Wedding Invitations It’s a ‘come as you aren’t’ party!  Costume parties are a favorite around the Halloween season, but when you tie it in with your big day, it will make for an unforgettable wedding theme that everyone will participate in and nobody will ever be able to top!  Choose a famous Halloween couple costume for the bride and groom, like Frankenstein, Sonny & Cher or Adam & Eve.  Ask your guests to join in on the fun and come dressed in their costumes too!  You can ask them to pick whatever costume they want or maybe set a more specific theme like vintage, antique, renaissance, ghosts or zombies.  Be sure to have your camera ready, as this will be a wedding that nobody will ever forget.  Remember to work the Halloween theme into your reception as well, from the color palette to the wedding favors, reception decor and maybe even the ghoulish delights you’ll be serving up for dinner.

Cultural Wedding Invitations Living in the United States, our weddings can seem to be fairly traditional with the wedding ceremony and reception following.  We sometimes forget that the other cultures of the world celebrate marriage in different ways that are quite exquisite!  Many couples lately have taken it upon themselves to introduce their merging cultures to their wedding guests and celebrate the traditions of their culture.  The invitation on our left celebrates Indian heritage with it’s vibrant pink and orange blend of colors in this uniquely contemporary invitation.  Whether you’re Indian, Asian, Polish, British, Irish or Australian…celebrate your culture, or a new culture you’ll be venturing into, and honor your ancestors and relatives on your big day.  Your guests will leave your event having learned an exciting new culture and viewing a beautiful merge of love and history.

Vegas Themed Wedding InvitationsWouldn’t it be great to tell your kids one day that you were married by THE Elvis?!  Vegas themed weddings have always been considered a bit taboo in the wedding world…where a crazy couple elopes and gets married on a whim on their vacation.  But nowadays it’s kind of fun to think about, isn’t it?  Whether you’re headed to Vegas or simply using Vegas as your wedding theme, this fun wedding theme will allow you to go leaps and bounds to set up your wedding theme.  Start with a Vegas sign, poker chip or playing card themed invitation and let the fun Vegas theme take over your wedding reception.  Set up photo booths and casino tables for your guests to participate in at the wedding.  You can even use playing cards as your place cards at each guest’s place setting.

Ready to start planning your non-traditional wedding, but not sure where to start?  Think about who you are as a couple.  What are the things you really enjoy doing or celebrating together?  It may be hiking in the mountains, visiting museums or maybe even visiting the casino.  Make your big day all about you with a fun themed wedding!

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