Bunco Party Invitations

Have you heard all the buzz lately?  A simple dice game is sweeping the nation and captivating today’s modern woman.  Gone are the days when men would have poker nights drinking beer and smoking cigars while the women would stay home caring for their children and caring for their household.

Boring nights at home are OUT.  Bunco is IN!

So for those of us who haven’t caught on to this popular game yet, what exactly IS Bunco?  From a technical standpoint, Bunco is a dice game played in rounds with teams of 2.  Players take turns rolling three dice to achieve the highest score.  Points are accumulated by rolling the total on their dice that they are supposed to achieve for that round.  If three dice of the same number are rolled the player receives an automatic 5 extra points.  The first team to score 21 points wins the round…which is a Bunco.  At the end of the night, after many rounds, points are tallied and prizes are given to the winner.

Sounds pretty monotone, right?  Wrong.   Let’s be honest, Bunco is SO much more than a dice game…(just don’t tell your husband).  Bunco is meant to be a social event with all of your gal-pals…a chance to get away for an evening for gossip, relaxing, drinks, snacks, appetizers, socializing…oh yah, and playing a mindless dice game!  Take a night off and complain about your boss, trade stories about your kids, catch up on the neighborhood gossip and network socially.

Many neighborhoods, corporations and friends have started Bunco groups, as a way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to spend time with the girls.  Set the scene for your next bunco party with a bunco party invitation to coordinate!  Choose from a variety of invitations with vibrant backgrounds and designs of dice, playing cards or casino themes.  Or, let the secret out and choose a cocktail party invitation for your next bunco party invitation and play up the social aspect of the game.

Check out some of our favorite bunco party invitations below and start a new girl’s night with your friends…

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