Back to School – Memo Pads, Stickers & Collegiate Pottery

It’s back to school time again!  Pretty soon you’ll be packing your college student’s life away as they go out of state to school or if you have younger children, your kids are already checking the mail daily in anticipation of the name of their Kindergarten teacher or receipt of their high school class schedule.  Back to school time can be an exciting, yet overwhelming time, and we’re here to help! is so much more than an invitation company.  We also offer a complete line of collegiate stationery, stamps and pottery for gift items, as well as back-to-school labels for kids to mark their belongings.  Need a little help organizing as everyone’s schedules will be crossing in a matter of weeks?  We have brand new organization pads from Embossed Graphics that are great for busy moms and dads on the go.  Take a look at some of the great items you’ll find on our site, just in time for the back-to-school fall season!

Family Organize by Day Slab – by Embossed GraphicsWe all know that when the kids go to school, things can get a bit hectic.  From soccer games to school dances, ballet class and doctors appointments, it’s easy to get confused or forget who should be where and when.  Embossed Graphics makes it easy with their brand new organizational slabs which feature your family name above the days of the week, along with the individual names of your family members.  Choose a fun color and font that everyone loves and make organizing and coordinating fun!  When the week is done, tear off your sheet and start a new as the next week approaches!

Auburn University Stadium Platter with Handles – by Magnolia LaneEntertaining your friends has never been this fun!  Perfect for a host/hostess gift, a gift for your college student’s send-off or for use at a tailgating party, Magnolia Lane offers a complete line of licensed collegiate ceramic items that support your favorite college, university or alma mater.  All of their items are hand painted and feature fun gift items like mugs, picture frames, stadium platters, chip and dip platters, large bowls and oval platters.  They even have ceramic plates for the Christmas season, which is great for gift-giving to the college fanatic.

Alarming Fire Truck Square Sticker – by IB DesignsRemember as a kid how stickers were so cool and you just wanted to put them everywhere?  Well, now you can!  These kids personalized stickers are great for marking your child’s school belongings so that nothing gets mixed up or lost at school.  Personalize the sticker with your child’s name, room number, phone number or teacher’s name.  Stick them on the inside of a backpack, school books, pencil cases, folders or lunch bags.  Your child can choose a fun design that matches their unique interests, be it sports, princesses, cars and trucks, polka dot patterns, animal print, flowers or safari animals.    Available in circle or square styles, these affordable stickers are a truly fashionable back-to-school essential.


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