Engagement Party Invitations & Etiquette

Feel like you’re attending a wedding just about every weekend this summer?  It seems like many couples have caught the love bug and are hopping on the wedding bandwagon lately.  And we all know what happens at a wedding…so there you are, with your boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other, hand-in-hand, and you’re watching the bride and groom walking down the aisle, wondering when your big day will come.  It might put life a bit more into prospective for you, and you never know when you just might be the next one to receive a marriage proposal!

The day he proposes is such a special and intimate day for the two of you, as you decide to merge your separate paths into one and embark on a lifetime of happiness, support and love.  Celebrate your engagement with an engagement party that will help you jump start your wedding planning, as well as give all of your family and friends the chance to congratulate you before your upcoming nuptials.

So what exactly is expected of the happy couple and guests at an engagement party?  As it is the first social event before your big day, the bride’s parents traditionally will host.  The party can be low-key, small and intimate or a fun, wild and happy affair.  You should only invite people to your engagement party that you are planning on inviting to your wedding.  Ergo, if your co-worker Ellen is totally fun at parties, but not someone you could see at your reception, she should not be invited.  Guests are NOT expected to bring gifts to your engagement party, thus you should not list any type of gift request or registry on your engagement party invitations.  Some guests may want to bring you gifts, (gift cards, champagne, wine, cigars, picture frames, etc.), which should be opened AFTER the party, not at the party, as not everyone will bring a gift.  Be sure to send out thank you notes after to thank those generous guests.  The bride’s father will typically give a toast to the newly engaged couple, followed by the groom giving a toast to his beautiful bride-to-be.  Other guests may also feel the need to follow suit and propose short toasts to the happy couple.

Set the scene for your engagement party with an engagement party invitation that expresses your happiness with your upcoming nuptials.  If you’re having a themed engagement party, incorporate that into your engagement party invitation so that your guests know what to expect at your event.  Remember that your engagement party invitation does not need to coordinate with your wedding theme, invitations, wedding colors, etc.  The party is simply to celebrate your engagement BEFORE you begin wedding planning.  Our engagement party invitations feature a variety of designs and styles from city proposals, black silhouettes, formal dinner affairs, diamond rings, cocktails, wine and embracing couples.  We also have engagement party invitations which allow for digital photographs of the happy couple.

Below are some of our favorite engagement party invitations…

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