Western Wedding Invitations

If you had asked me five years ago if I would ever consider a western wedding, I would have told you that you were absolutely crazy!  My first thoughts of a western wedding was a bunch of men in red, black and white flannel doing a square dance around bails of hay in a big red barn.  There would be three Uncle Bobs, a cousin MaryBeth Sue and a dog running a muck.   Wedding fare would be a pig pick’n and there I would be wiping my barbecue hands on my white wedding dress.

But the truth is, having a western themed wedding doesn’t have to mean hicksville.  Its actually an extremely romantic wedding setting and gives you so much room for ceremony and reception decor.  Since moving to North Carolina just over four years ago, I have gained a complete appreciation for the south and it’s relaxing, breathtaking atmosphere and the even more amazing people that are simply happy to be living life.  What a perfect setting and sentiment for your wedding!  It’s what inspired my blog today, and I hope it gives you a few ideas if you’re pondering having a western wedding for yourself, your child or childhood friend.

A southern themed wedding can work the western theme very subtly into your wedding ceremony and reception decor.  Start by setting the tone for your event with a western wedding invitation.  The featured wedding invitation in our montage below is the Gingham Wedding Invitation by Checkerboard, which is an exclusive part of the BRIDES collection from BRIDES Magazine.  A very unique invitation, this contemporary invite features three individual card stock layers with an oak wood etched white bottom card, a banana yellow middle card and a tan top card for your wedding details.  The suggested square envelope includes a white and banana yellow envelope liner, which lightly ties your western theme into this modern invitation.  You can choose this small square invite, (also works alternately as a save the date card), or the larger gingham invitation which features a white oak grain etched pocket with a large banana ribbon and a banana yellow and white gingham envelope liner.  It’s subtly western meeting contemporary elegance.

When setting the scene for your western wedding, you’d be surprised to learn that many country venues and barns host weddings!  Think an old covered barn strung with tiny white lights along the framework inside with your elegant tables below it.  It creates a magical romance that you just can’t have in a regular inside reception site.  Decorate your tables with sunflowers or hydrangeas inside mason jars.  Treat your guests to an eye-catching bridal party too by asking the bridesmaids, (and maybe even the bride), to wear their favorite cowboy boots.  If you ask a southern gal, (or man), nothing is better than a girl in a dress with her cowboy boots!  And even better – they’re so comfortable!

Use traditional barn decor, whether it’s wagon wheels, horseshoes or hay bails.  You can even send your guests home for the evening with a real horseshoe with a uniquely romantic saying like the one pictured above, “This horseshoe was worn by a horse  at the place where we first met.  Make sure to hang it open side up so that all the luck stays in!  Lucky in Love, your Bride & Groom”.

Ready to plan your own romantic, one-of-a-kind western wedding?  Share your ideas and pictures with us and take a look at our complete western invitation collection at InvitationBox.com!

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