Cupcake Invitations & Party Ideas

Why hello, cupcake!  In case you haven’t caught onto the buzz…cupcakes are all the rage for a sweet treat at a party these days.  Forget the 2 foot cartoon sheet cakes that we all grew up on, or the cakes where Mom transferred our photograph onto the frosting, (how comforting, you’re eating my face).  Now the IT thing is a mini cake masterpiece fit for one.  Cupcakes have even evolved over the past few years, from the typical Duncan Hines cake batter and swash-over of frosting…now people are getting creative with flourished frosting in vibrant colors with gourmet cake flavors and toppings.

On of our customer service managers had a birthday this week and I decided to make her some of my famous-around-the-office cupcakes.  I went with a traditional devil’s food chocolate cake with a crisp white frosting, (I use decorator’s icing rather than store-bought because it’s thicker and easier to create large frosting swirls).  When I went shopping for the cupcake liners, I had no idea just how much cupcakes really did evolve over the past year.  Anything from zebra stripes to leopard print, damask, argyle, polka dots or plaid patterns were available…which is perfect when coordinating your cupcake style with your party and party invitation theme.  Craft stores sell a bulk of these cupcake wrappers, along with the frosting nozzles you’ll need to create piled-up frosting designs, like the cupcakes above.

Need to snazz your cupcake up a little?  The sprinkle or jimmy has also evolved in the past few years.  Gone are the days of rainbow or chocolate ‘shots’!  Now you can have edible pearls, glitter and beads on your cupcake.  I put mini semi-sweet chocolate chips over my co-worker’s cupcakes.

Serve up some gourmet or couture cupcakes at your next party and really make it a hit.  You can use them as a great party treat and decoration or completely wrap your party theme around this yummy little sweet!  Cupcake party themes are growing extremely popular as well, and we have the perfect cupcake party invitations to set the scene for your cupcake themed party.  Whether you’re hosting your child’s for 1st birthday party, sweet 16 or celebrating your own adult birthday party, cupcakes are a great party theme.

Check out some of our favorite cupcake themed party invitations below.  They’re perfect for 1st birthday party invitations, kids birthday party invitations, corporate party invitations, holiday party invitations, bridal shower invitations and baby shower invitations…

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