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Here they lie…Have you shivered from looking at the card in the top left corner of the blog yet?  Our very own InvitationBox designers came out with over 150 brand new Halloween invitation designs for this fall season, and looking through them yesterday, this card stood out to me more than the rest.  It literally gave me chills, and still does today!  I thought, I must share this with our readers and shoppers…what a cool way to entice your guests into attending your deadly Halloween party this year!

Sometimes it feels like Halloween is one of those holidays where you receive six invitations in the mail, and every party is always on the same night!  How on earth do you decide on which one to attend?  Well, when choosing your spooky party invitations, don’t give your guests a choice!  Choose an utterly terrifying invitation like this one, and your guests won’t dare decline!  Another great tip: Send your invitations out in September so that your invitation is the first they receive for this spooky holiday season.  With grabbing your guests attention with a great invitation, as well as giving your guests plenty of time to plan for your event, you’re bound to have a great turnout!

So what kinds of things will you see in IB Designs brand new Halloween invitation collection?  This new release was primarily focused on adult Halloween party events, formal Halloween events and corporate Halloween events.  No jokes, tricks, giggling pumpkins or friendly witches in this batch…it’s an all-out fright-fest over here at InvitationBox!  Our brand new designs feature gothic skeletons, vintage chandeliers, tattoo emblems, gothic grunge frames, pumpkin paisley designs, enticing dinner plates and eight legged creepy-crawly spiders.

Need something a bit more formal?  We also have introduced 53 brand new pocket designs, which will add a little ambiance to your goth-themed formal Halloween event.  Think dark damask patterns, Halloween colored lace patterned edges, damask skulls and spider webs printed on inserts which sit inside crisp black pockets which are wrapped with delicate black, orange, white or sublime green satin ribbons.  We also offer printed Halloween pockets which feature your favorite insert patterns carried onto the pocket design – a truly unique pocket idea for InvitationBox.

Check out some of our creepiest brand new Halloween party invitations below and get planning!  Halloween is just about two months away and it’s never too early to start browsing for the perfect fright-filled Halloween party invitation!

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