Kids Birthday Party Invitations for Tweens

Too old for princesses, dolls, ballet and toys, but too young for animal print, car keys, limos and boys.  You’re hosting a birthday party for your tween, so it needs to be just as chic, stylish and cool as she already is!

For kids ages 10 – 13, birthday party themes can seem a bit tough to come up with, as your baby girl is too old for the silly kid stuff, but too young to be shopping for her first car.  What on earth can you do for hours on end with ten of your daughter’s best friends?  Believe it or not, the possibilities are there, you just have to look for them!  Find out what your child and her friends like to do best, whether it’s shopping at the mall, going to the movies, swimming at the pool, getting their hair done or maybe even skateboarding.  Take a favorite pastime and turn it into a birthday party that nobody will ever forget!

Below are some great party ideas, (and invitations, of course), to help you begin planning your tween’s upcoming special birthday…

Candy Party Invitations – Let’s not sugar coat it, Candy is sweet – just like your daughter – and everyone loves it!  Candy themed birthday parties give you a wonderful color palette to work with for decorations, and make wonderfully sweet treats for your child’s guests to take home with them or eat at the party.  Set up a candy buffet for a striking table setting, and make bouquets of lollipops as your table centerpieces.  You can even have the kids make their own candy as an activity at the party.

Peace Themed Kids Party Invitations – Peace out!  The 70’s are becoming popular again!  Okay, so maybe you won’t see the kids showing up in bell bottom jeans or headbands, but the peace sign has become a staple with many tweens nowadays.  Decorate her party with peace signs and vibrant tie-dye colors, like the ones shown in the invitation on our left, by Paper so Pretty.  Ask each guest to bring a white t-shirt and then have each child make their own tie-dye shirt to take home with them for a fun activity for all to enjoy.  Create her birthday cake in the shape of a peace sign, with lots of candy glitter and bright colors.

Sleepover Party Invitations – Gossip, PJ’s, pillow fights, popcorn, pizza, nail polish, music, dance competitions, makeovers and a Ouiji board – all the essentials to create the perfect slumber party!  Every girl loves a good sleepover with her girlfriends, whether she’s turning 9 or 29!  Talking about boys, what happened in school last week or that horrible outfit that your teacher wore that day…it’s all part of being a girl.  Set the scene for her slumber party with some popular tunes, great munchies, a movie and plenty of sleeping bags and pillows.  You can even plan a big breakfast for the morning after the sleepover as everyone waits for their parents to pick them up.  Be sure to wear ear plugs that night as the giggles, screams and stories last late into the night.

Got any great ideas about how you made your tween’s birthday a success?  Feel free to share with us so that our tween’s party can be the talk of the school!

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