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“There are two types of people in this world…those who are Greek, and those who wish they were Greek.” A well-known quote from one of my favorite movies, to which we applied to our t-shirts during Greek week on campus as we raced around having mixers and various sporting competitions.  School is just starting back up, which can only mean one thing for us Greeks – time to put on your recruitment pants and build numbers.  Rush season will be starting, if it hasn’t already, which means it’s important to get your sorority or fraternity name, letters and spirit out there so that you can have a full pledge class of potential members this fall.

At we offer a plethora of Greek stationery items that will help you celebrate your Greek pride, while supporting and promoting your organization.  Our Greek stationery collection features sorority tear pads, note pads, menu pads, luggage tags, clip boards and large jotter pads which are great for taking meeting notes, notes in class or writing a grocery list before you head out the door.  The luggage tags are great for formal trips or flights back home on school break.  They also make great gifts for your little as they are initiated.  Each stationery item features your sorority’s unique letters, along with a fun preppy pattern in your sorority colors.  Patterns feature plaid designs, polka dots, paisley patterns, circle dots or gingham borders.

For those wanting to leave their Greek mark on everything they touch, (because what good Greek doesn’t), we also offer a complete line of Greek custom stampers and Greek self-inking stamps.  These stamps create over 10,000 impressions which means you have a world of opportunities to make your Greek mark.  Our Greek self-inking stamps are available in a variety of styles featuring circle stamps and square stamps which showcase your fraternity or sorority letters, mascot or logo.  Change things up by purchasing a colored ink pad in one of your organization’s colors and really make your letters pop.  These self-inking stamps are great for rush posters, Greek correspondence with alumnae, flyers, rush sign-in sheets, school books and personal belongings.  Add your own personalized text to the stamper, be it a fun Greek phrase, your name and address, your Greek title, pledge name or “Rush Phi Beta Chi”.  These Greek stampers are available in a variety of Greek letters from Alpha Chi Omega to Zeta Beta Tau.

Take a look at some of the great Greek stationery products we offer and spread the word about your favorite Greek organization…

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