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NEW Bachelor Party Invitations & Ideas

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

The LMFAO song is ringing in my head today, which in short, means it will now be in yours…sing it with me, “Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots…” – What an appropriate theme song for your last night as a single man as you head out with your buddies to celebrate.

What you choose to do on your bachelor party night is really up to you, but if you’re a groomsman trying to plan your buddy’s big night, make sure you check with him to see if he really wants to head up that strip club, or if he’d rather go out for a night at the local pub, spend the day at the golf course or fishing out on the lake from sunrise to sunset.  Maybe mixing up the activities is more your style, so that your other party attendees can rock out with you all day, or attend the part of the evening that appeals most to them.  But one thing is essential – this is a man’s-man night, so no girls on this outing – sorry ladies!

When planning his bachelor party, don’t plan the crazy night for the night before his wedding, unless you want to bring the movie Hangover to life, and end up with a very unhappy bride as she watches her groom stumble up the aisle, realizes her groomsmen are missing teeth and a tiger is sitting in the wedding party limo.  Be sure to give him at least a week of recovery time before his big day.  Below are some great bachelor party invitations and bachelor party ideas for planning your bachelor bash.

For the wild bachelor – Martini Girl Bachelor Party Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – A night out with the boys for your last single night wouldn’t be complete without a night full of shots, drinking and girls!  If your bachelor is a wild partier, this invitation is certainly for you, featuring a masculine charcoal grey background and a martini girl bathing inside a martini glass wearing black gloves, a black feather boa, a party hat and black heels dangling off her feet.  Bottom’s up is the theme of this invite and if you’re heading to the strip club after a night of partying, she won’t disappoint!

For the game-loving bachelor – Fishing Trip Party Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – The groom took the bait!  Celebrate his love for his bride along with his love for the open waters with this creative nautical fishing invitation which features a large open sea scene with a large fish swimming up to a groom’s bait.  An anchor adorns the left side of the card to the left of your text.  This card is perfect for the groom who loves uncharted territories and gives you plenty of room to write all of your at-sea details, whether it’s a deep sea adventure or a day out at the lake in a pontoon boat.

For the golf-fanatic bachelor – Golf Green Party Invitation by Inviting Company – He’s hit par with this girl, and ready to celebrate!  Perfect for the golf-loving groom, he’ll love spending the day out on the golf course smoking cigars, drinking beer and taking a swing out on the course with his boys.  Golf bachelor parties are also great for those who aren’t sure they want to have a crazy party with the new father-in-law, but want to incorporate him into the bachelor party.  You can always spend a day out on the golf course and then have the groomsmen go out for a night out on the town after.

Check out our entire bachelor party invitation collection at and celebrate his last few single days!