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Second Marriage Wedding Invitations

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Unfortunately a lot of us have been there…the fighting, the stress, the disappointment, the tears.  Whether you’re divorced or widowed, losing your first love is always a difficult time, no matter what side you’re on.  Remember to keep your head up and know that hope and love are just waiting for you on the horizon!  There’s a second chance at love, and it might just be the last time you fall – how great would that be?

Celebrate your second chance at love and the merge of two families into one as you plan your second marriage.  Many second marriages are small, intimate affairs with your closest family members and friends in a quiet, romantic or getaway setting…truly focused on your new-found love for one another.  This is not to say that the huge 500 guest wedding isn’t appropriate, by any means, however is just not as common in today’s modern society.

When planning your second wedding, choose a wedding theme or location that means something to you as a couple.  Set the scene for your wedding with a wedding invitation that embodies that theme.  Since it is your second wedding, feel free to have a little bit of fun with your wedding theme – whether you have a traditional ceremony and a beach party or barbecue pig pick’n after or  ask your guests to all pack-up and head with you to a tropical or mountain destination to celebrate.  You’ve done the traditional wedding affair before, and this time it’s all about having fun and celebrating your love.

Below are some of our most popular second marriage wedding invitations, which range from formal and classy to casual and fun or romantic and destination.  If you are merging two families into one, you may want to include this as a part of your wedding, or word your wedding as your family/children hosting your wedding.

Send your wedding invitations out about 4-6 weeks before your wedding day, or longer if you have a lot of out of town guests.  A popular question we receive from a lot of second-time-brides is the question as to whether or not you can register for your second wedding.  In short, yes, go ahead and register.  You may not need a toaster, but perhaps a small registry at a place like Pottery Barn, Bed, Bath and Beyond or Lowes/Home Depot will help you receive some essentials that you’ll need in your new life together.  Spread your registry by word of mouth only, (NOT on your invitation).  Your guests will likely want to give you a gift to celebrate your special day.