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Formal Halloween Party Invitations

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

The cold weather is about to come in and the warm colors of fall are the perfect backdrop for your elegant Halloween affair, be it a corporate event, adult birthday party or themed upscale Halloween party with friends.  Formal Halloween parties are becoming very popular for the fall season, as it’s a great time to celebrate before the craziness of the big Thanksgiving/Christmas season rolls in and it creates an ambiance that cannot be duplicated with any other holiday.

Thinking about hosting your own formal Halloween affair, but not sure where to start with the decorating?  Think dark yet formal with a large vintage chandelier, (possibly draped in cobwebs).  Set your table like the one above with a burnt orange table cloth with black napkins with orange ribbon details.  Set the formal scene with an array of lit candles or a large candelabra in the center.  You may even want to decorate the center of the tables with fall leaves to bring out a few extra colors of the fall season in red, green, yellow and brown.  Serve up some blood red wine or a creative creepy cocktail for your adult guests.  Keep the lights dim and set the mood with a fog machine on your floor or some elegant yet eerie symphonic tunes in teh background.

When inviting your guests to your party, choose a formal Halloween party invitation that will entice your guests for a fun event, however one which also informs them to come dressed in their best, for your elegant affair.  Our brand new collection of Halloween party invitations features a variety of patterns and styles to help you set the mood for your elegant Halloween party.  Inside the Halloween collection you’ll find dark colored cards with grey, white and black vintage borders, frames and emblems which hold your party text.  These are great for corporate Halloween party invitations and wedding invitations.  Those looking for something a bit less spooky will love our vellum layered cards which feature an antique or ornate patterned/designed bottom card with a vellum overlay for your text, attached with a velvet ribbon.  We also now offer formal pocket Halloween party invitations which add an element of formality and class to your everyday simple Halloween invitation.  Each pocket features a deep hue or pattern which holds an insert card for your text, which is held together with a fall colored satin ribbon.  Intricate Halloween patterns are printed upon the insert card to give it that extra Halloween flare.

Below are just a few of the amazingly haunted formal Halloween party invitation designs you’ll see inside our creepy Halloween Invitation collection…