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Kids Arts & Crafts Party Invitations

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

“Everything you imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso

Part of the fun in planning your child’s birthday party is that you can incorporate one of their favorite hobbies or pastimes in with their party, so that they can share it with all of their friends.  Your child’s birthday is already an amazing day, but add in their favorite thing to do and you’ve got the recipe for the perfect kids birthday party.

One of the largest trends in kids birthday party invitations and themes is an arts and crafts party, or a painting party.  Ask your guests to bring a smock and their wild imagination to this kids themed party event!  And no need to stress about buying tons of art supplies and red paint being spilled on the carpet – believe it or not, the art trend has caught on to local businesses too!  Many local shoppes offer painting and craft classes for kids and will offer party specials.  Or, head down to your local pottery shoppe and have each kid paint their favorite ceramic animal, bug, vehicle, flower or even a piggy bank.  After they’re finished designing settle down with some cake, ice cream and presents while your paint dries.  This is a great party because everyone gets to take home their creative masterpiece and feel just as special as the birthday boy or girl.

When browsing for the perfect arts and crafts party invitation, has you covered, as always.  You can choose from a die-cut palette of primary colored paints, a paint splotched border like the one in the top left corner of the blog, an art scene with an easel, a child dressed up as an artists standing next to her masterpiece or a colorful pottery scene made only for kids.

Think your child is the next Picasso or Monet?  We don’t doubt is!  Expand the imagination of your child and their friends at their very own arts & crafts party.  Take a look at all of our creative designs which will really help you get a jump start into being an artist!