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Doc Milo Holiday Bridal Shower Invitations

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

The holiday season is all about warm wishes, being kind to others, making kind gestures and spreading love and cheer to those who matter the most to you.  A winter wedding is the perfect setting for your vows and nothing goes better with a winter wedding than a winter bridal shower!

I was surprised to learn that our vendors are slowly hopping aboard the holiday shower trend, and it’s producing some really great and fashionable designs for the upcoming winter bridal season.  Whether your bridal shower is right near the holidays or you’re having a December wedding and a shower a month or two prior, these holiday bridal shower invitations are perfect for adding a little holiday sparkle to your bridal shower event.     Below you’ll see a glimpse at some of our newest holiday bridal shower invitations, from famous vendor Doc Milo, which have just been introduced before our holiday season begins…

Bride On  Gift – Red (Blonde) by Doc Milo – Perfectly festive, posh and sassy, this flat white holiday bridal shower invitation features a vibrant red background which will catch the eyes of all of your guests, as well as give off that swanky holiday feel.  A  blonde bride, (also available in brunette), wears a wedding gown and carries a small black gift box as she sits on a large black and white damask present while wearing sunglasses and sitting next to a bouquet of white tulips.  Perfect for the fashion-forward bride.

Holiday Tabletop Invitation by Doc Milo – Bells are ringing – whether for the holidays or your wedding – this holiday bridal shower invitation is perfect to set the scene for your holiday bridal shower.  This swanky and festive invitation features a bright red weaved background with a formal table spread featuring wine bottles, champagne, holiday cupcakes, martinis and of course, presents!  Two ornate chandeliers adorn the top right and left corners of the card for a little formal flair.  This holiday bridal shower invitation is perfect for sending invitations to large groups or open house type shower affairs.

Glamour Girl Bride – Holiday Invitations by Doc Milo – The holidays can be a stressful time, and if you’re planning a wedding during the holiday season, you can go into bride-zilla overload!  Take a break and relax with your friends and family with a holiday bridal shower to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.  This swanky flat white holiday bridal shower invitation features a checkered charcoal background and features a brunette bride wearing a Santa hat and wedding gown as she sits on a deep red couch surrounded by presents.  She holds a small red present in her hand.  A tall white Christmas tree stands behind the couch, decorated with silver stars and red ornaments.

When planning your holiday bridal shower, decorating will be easy with red, green, silver and white accents.  Celebrate at the mother of the bride’s home which is decorated for the holiday season.  Add a little wintery mix to your decor with snowflakes or silver accents.  You can even send your guests home with a glass ornament decorated for the holidays, or perhaps with the name of the bride and groom to be.  Remember to send out your invitations 3-6 weeks before your shower, especially if it is during the holiday season.  With so many holiday parties to attend, you’ll want to make sure everyone reserves this special holiday bridal shower date!