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Birth Announcements – Share your news with the world

Monday, September 19th, 2011

When your precious son or daughter arrives, how will you share the good news with the world?!  The birth of your newborn baby, whether it’s your first child or your third, is such an exciting time for everyone as your family is expanding and your whole life will soon be changing.  You’ll want to let all of your friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors know of the good news of your arrival, and there’s quite a few ways to share the news!

Facebook/Twitter – Let’s go with the most technologically savvy answer first – announcing your baby’s birth via call, text, tweet or through your status on Facebook.  It’s such an easy way to share the good news with everyone all at once, as well as share photos with everyone so that nobody misses out.  The reactions and good wishes will come pouring in, as soon as you make your first post!

Create your own Baby Blog – Being a blogger myself, I am a BIG fan of this one!  Blogs are a great outlet for parents to share the news of their baby’s arrival, as well as document her important moments and milestones – AND share it with family and friends.  It’s a bit more intimate than a Facebook post, and will allow you to share videos, photographs and fun memories with others.  Begin the blog during pregnancy and then update the blog as often as you want as your baby boy or girl grows.  Family and friends can check in periodically to see how much the baby is growing, along with your new family!

Share with the Neighborhood – Signs – One of the older yet more fun tricks in the book, there are actually companies out there that create wooden storks to stick in your lawn which post your baby’s arrival and birth details – be it the baby’s name, birth date and weight.  If you have a great relationship with your neighbors, this is a great way to share your news with those that you live close by.  Take a look at the stork sign above in the top left corner of the blog – which even features the siblings of the newborn baby and the new parents.

Birth AnnouncementsLet’s face it, good old fashioned birth announcements never get old.  The most traditional birth announcements featured a simple card stock in white, ivory, pink or blue which had the baby’s birth details, as well as a small graphic of a baby toy, rattle or ribbon.  The more modern birth announcements have come alive with color, patterns, themes and gender-specific designs.  Some of the most popular birth announcements feature a digital photograph of the newborn baby boy or girl along with their birth details.  Some also offer multiple photographs, in case you can’t decide on just one photo to share.  These birth announcements are sent about a month after the baby is born and are wonderful for keepsakes for your baby book, as well as will go up on the fridge of your recipients.

Take a look at some of our favorite birth announcements below.  No matter how you share the news, be it through Facebook, a blog, a stork sign or a birth announcement, make it personal and all about how happy you are about your newborn baby boy or girl!