Paper Quality for Party Invitations

In the invitation world, the beginning  of your party invitation begins with a single sheet of card stock…which in a way can set the tone for your event without even having so much as a graphic or word printed upon it.  Crazy, right?  Absolutely.   But so true!  As any stationery snob knows, (present company included), the weight, texture and feel of your party invitation’s card stock gives way to how formal your event is.  The heavier or more textured your chosen card stock is, the more formal your event is, and thus the more expensive your invitations are.  Paper is never inexpensive.

Paper is measured and listed by density, in pounds.  It is listed in the mass of the product per unit area.  I remember years ago while working at a stationery company I was told that a card stock was 100 pound paper.  “A hundred pounds for a sheet of card stock…” was all I could think of.  Little did I know, the term is not used in a traditional mass to unit sense.  It actually converts the pounds to number of pounds per 500 sheets of paper.  The higher the paper weight, the higher the quality of card stock.

We consider paper weight to be in the following categories…

Light Weight 70 – 100 pound card stock

Medium Weight 100 – 120 pound card stock

Heavy Weight 130 pound card stock +

When browsing on the website, we offer a range of paper qualities for all different styles, formalities and most importantly, budgets.  We begin with our digital card stock which ranges from 80 pound to 130 pound card stock.  It’s a smooth, matte finish, which works well with digital prints and ink jet/laser prints.  We also offer card stock upgrades with shimmer stock, for that added sparkle, as well as recycled invitations for the environmentally conscious.  Remember, shimmer stock looks best on lighter background cards so that you can see the shimmery nature.  Recycled papers look better with darker colors as the pigment is not a true bright white.  As you browse through more of our formal invitations, you will notice a variety of textured card stocks, as well as fibrous card stocks to which you can truly feel a grain of a paper, as well as see the difference.  These papers work best for higher-end printing, from thermography to engraving, letterpress or embossing.

Not sure what you’re looking for?  One of the best ways to find out is to order samples of your card stock prior to purchase.  Remember, we always list our paper weights and quality by each item’s description so that you are able to stay informed about the papers you are purchasing.


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