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Wedding Reception Cards & Response Cards

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Working with brides and wedding products on a daily basis, we sometimes forget that if you’ve never attended, hosted or been in a wedding before, you may not know exactly what goes into your wedding invitation ensemble…or what to write on the pieces you have, so that guests know all of the pertinent details about your event.

The question of ‘what is the difference between a reception card and a reply card’ has come up numerous times lately, thus I felt obligated to share.  A reception card is needed when your reception location is *different* than your ceremony location.  For example, your if your ceremony is at a church and your reception is at a country club that guests will have to travel to, you will need a reception card.  If you are being married in a garden with the reception immediately following at the same location, you do not need a reception card.  Instead, you would put “reception immediately following” on your actual wedding invitation, likely as the last line of text.  Your reception card should include a statement that the reception will follow the ceremony, the time of the reception, as well as the location of the reception.  This is also a nice place to list your wedding attire requests, should you have any.  Below is a sample of reception card wording, to get you started…

Reception to follow
at six o’clock in the evening
Windsor Manor South
142 North Main Street
Cary, North Carolina

A reply card is used for most formal and informal weddings which is a card and envelope used for your guests to inform you whether or not they are attending your special day.  The reply card should include your request for your guest to reply, the date you wish them to reply by, a line for them to hand write their name, as well as the choice as to whether or not they are attending.  It is also common to include meal choices for your guests, should you be having a sit-down formal dinner.  Your reply cards include a printed envelope where your return name and address is printed on the front of the envelope.  Remember to include a stamp so that your guests do not have to pay for postage.  When wording your reply card, try something similar to the below wording, so that all of your information is clear and concise…

The favor of a reply is requested
before the fifth of November


____accepts with pleasure
____declines with regret

Please indicate entree selection:
____chicken     ____beef     ____vegetarian

Remember when composing your reply card and reception cards to keep your tenses, form of numbers/dates, etc. consistent with how you worded your invitation details.  In other words, if you wrote out your date formally on your invitation, you will want to make sure your reply cards and reception cards read the same way.