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Twilight Party Invitations

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

“I’m the world’s best predator, aren’t I?  Everything about me invites you in – my voice, my face, even my smell.  As if I need any of that!  As if you could outrun me.  As if you could fight me off…” If chills just ran down your spine after reading that tactical and passionate quote from Edward to Bella as she learned he was a vampire, you know you’re one of us…the die-hard Twilight fans who just can’t get enough of their intense romance.  The ones who are just dying to see that November premier of Breaking Dawn Part One.  So which team are you…Team Jacob or Team Edward?  Personally, I am Team Jacob, though we all know who Bella is meant to be with.

The next time you’re searching for a party theme, consider hosting a Twilight Movie themed party.  Whether you’re just in the mood to get together with your friends, hosting a birthday party or having a release party for when the movies hit theaters or DVD’s, it’s a great excuse to get your vampire or werewolf on…and talk Twilight all night long – what could be better than that?!

Set the scene for your Twilight themed party with a Twilight party invitation that will make your guests thirst for blood, or feel the need to imprint.  Two of our brand new invitations that were introduced into our Halloween collection are absolutely perfect for your Twilight party.  If you’re Team Edward, we have a black invitation called Vampy Lips, from Noteworthy Collections which features a large vampire mouth at the top of the card with red lips and teeth and fangs dripping with blood.  If you’re a true Twilight fan, you’ll notice a very similar font used on this daring invitation.  If you’re team Jacob, don’t think you’re being left out either!  Our other Twilight-inspired invitation, Werewolf Eyes, by Noteworthy Collections, features a sleek black background with piercing orange and yellow werewolf eyes that adorn the top of the card.  This card is also available with vibrant green eyes…which will remind you of the night Bella collapsed into the woods with only a pair of eyes guarding her in the distance.  Are the Volturi more your speed…where you’d like to take control and lure your guests to dinner?  We also have ancient and Gothic themed invitations which will bring the life of a vampire upfront.  The Four Corner Scrolls Black invitation by IB Designs features an ancient dark silver frame on a black background invitation.  It will give the feel of a dark evening full of class and fear…as if the Volturi wold have it any other way!

Make an impression on your guests as you decorate your party scene.  Remember Alice’s decorating style when Bella graduated?  Decorate your porch and walkway with mini ivory lanterns or white tiny Christmas lights to set a little ambiance.  Play a Twilight soundtrack in the background of your party to set the mood.  Ask your local florist for a bouquet of red and white parrot tulips from the cover of the Twilight novels.  These will go great as your table centerpieces.  You can even hand out a red rose to each guest as they arrive.  If you want to add a little entertainment, assign each person with a secret character as they arrive to your event.  Throughout the party the guests will have to figure out who their partner is – but they’re not allowed to say the name of their character aloud.   The last couple to find one another will be eaten for dinner!

End the evening with a screening of your favorite Twilight Saga movie.