Oktoberfest Invitations & Beer Invitations

Prost!  Time to drink up!  If there’s one thing we all love about the fall season, it’s Oktoberfest, Beer Fest and the release of all of our favorite fall beer flavors.  There’s nothing like a cold brew on a cool fall day!  The 2011 Beer Fest is being held in Durham this weekend and I’m overjoyed to be attending this one.

The original Oktoberfest is a yearly event which is held late September through early October in Munich, Germany.  Imagine the world’s largest festival which revolves around amazing German beer and food!  Six million people attend this fun festival every year from all over the globe.  And if you’re lucky enough, you may even have an American Oktoberfest celebration being held in your own city!  If not, why not host your very own Oktoberfest and ask all your crazy beer-loving friends and family members to join?  Ask your friends to bring their favorite beer to share with others and then offer up some seasonal brews to share.  You can even create your own beer tasting event.  Do a little research on the beers you’ll be offering and make sure everyone knows what exactly goes into the brew they’re enjoying…just make sure you take the keys before your guests drive home!

When setting the scene for your Oktoberfest themed party, choose a beer party invitation that totally encompasses your beer party style.  Choose from a variety of beer themed invitation designs including die-cut mugs of beer, glass beer in large ice tubs, beer pong invitations, keg party invitations, barbecue or cookout themed beer invitations.  We also offer personalized beer keepsake mugs, (beer steins), which you can personalize with the name of your party, party date and a fun graphic to commemorate your event.  Send each guest home with a little souvenier that they’ll remember from years to come.  Offer them every year to build your own collection.

Check out some of our wonderful beer party invitation essentials below and get ready to drink up, ‘cus it’s October, and the beer is flowing…


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