Postage for Invitations

We’ve all been there…you send out 75 party invitations to your closest friends and relatives and it’s been two weeks and nobody has RSVP’d to your party.  A little strange, you think, and then the next day your mailbox is overflowing with a bulk of envelopes returned to you for insufficient postage because your invitation was too heavy or an odd shape, which didn’t apply to our normal 44 cent stamp!  Now you’re stuck with 75 returned invitations, new envelopes to purchase and only a week or two before your event to inform your guests of your party!

It can be stressful planning a party and figuring out postage, however if you take the proper steps when you receive your invitations, you can be sure that your guests will receive their invitations on-time.  The rule of thumb with USPS is that anything under 1 ounce requires one regular 44 cent stamp…if you have a rectangular shaped envelope.  Should have an an odd-shaped envelope, like a square, you will need to add 20 cents extra to the envelope, thus creating a 64 cent stamp…even if the item is under an ounce!

If you have an over-sized envelope, your base cost is 80 cents, and then each additional ounce over one ounce is 20 cents extra.  Remember that if you have a bow, rhinestone or other bulky embellishment you may need extra postage too, even if the item is under an ounce.  You may also want to hand cancel your envelopes.  This is a process of hand-stamping your envelopes so that they are not run through a machine which may damage your embellishment or bow.

If you’re ever unsure, take your items to the post office to have them weighed prior to mailing.  Even something as simple as the humidity and weather can affect the weight of your envelope.  If you’re dancing on the 1 ounce line on the scale, I would always err on the heavier side of postage for your envelopes…much better to be safe than sorry later!  When purchasing your invitations on our website, be sure to read the item’s description which will likely inform you whether or not your item needs additional postage.  We also inform you of the size of your invitations so that you will know exactly how large your cards are.  If you’re ever unsure, feel free to contact our Customer Service reps and we’ll be happy to tell you how much postage you’ll need for your party invitations.

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