Thanksgiving Party Invitations

With Halloween right around the corner and the cool fall air circulating, my taste buds are getting seasoned for Thanksgiving, which is just slightly over a month away.  If you’re the lucky family member who is hosting Thanksgiving in your home this year, wouldn’t it be nice to send everyone invitations to invite them to your event?  Thanksgiving invitations were never really something I had considered, however a few years back when I hosted Thanksgiving for my family, I decided to send out invitations a few weeks ahead, and I couldn’t believe how many compliments I had coming back to me saying what a nice sentiment it was to be formally invited to my Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s also a great way to invite friends that you’re inviting to dinner for the first time.  This way everyone knows what time to attend, who is hosting, where the dinner will be located, a contact number for reference and possibly even a request to bring a dish to share.

Send your Thanksgiving party invitations out during the last week of October or the first week of November.  You want to give your guests as much notice as possible, in case they receive multiple family invitations for dinner.  Set a reply-by date a week or so before your Thanksgiving dinner so that you know how much food to prepare.  You can even ask your guests to bring a side dish or dessert to help ease the amount of cooking for the host.

When choosing your Thanksgiving invitations, consider the formality of your event.  Your invitations should give your guests a clear indication of how formal your event is, as well as what to expect, whether it’s swanky and dressy or casual and surrounded around the big football game that afternoon. Below you’ll see some of our favorite Thanksgiving party invitations this fall season, the first being my personal favorite, Wood Leaves by Noteworthy Collections.  It’s got a gorgeous wood grain drawn background and a delicate falling border of fall leaves.  The second invitation is our Autumn Place Setting 2 Invitation which is perfect for a Thanksgiving sit-down dinner.  For something a bit more casual, go retro with the Retro Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation shown which features a funky patterned background in an old fashioned kitchen.  Need something more reserved?  Our last invitation shown is one of our layered vellum invitations which features a harvest grosgrain ribbon to hold the ensemble together.

Whatever direction you go, be sure to remember the true meaning behind Thanksgiving, as you celebrate with all of your family and friends!

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