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Take a look around at your stationery, guest towels, bathroom robes, napkins, mailbox or car rear window – odds are you’ll see a monogram engraved, embroidered or printed upon an item you use or see daily.  A monogram is a motif made up of one to four letters which signify the initials of a company, family or personal name.  Monograms first were used to brand coins in a time period as early as 350BC.  The ancient Greeks and Romans were some of the earliest cultures to use the coins, which used different monograms to dictate rulers and city locations for coin usage.

As most symbols evolve, monograms certainly followed suit.  Royal monograms were later introduced to signify the names of monarchs in kingdoms, whether on law enforcement or kingdom rulers.  In the Victorian era the personal use for the monogram was adapted, which was used as a symbol for personal and social status.  In the current days, monograms can be used by anyone for just about anything.  If you see someone driving with a monogram on the back of their car, there’s a good chance there isn’t someone royal inside!

The rules for monograms were adapted during the Victorian era, which, believe it or not, has not changed throughout the years.  All 3-letter monograms consist of your first name initial on the left, last name initial largest and in the center and middle name initial on the right.  Ornate, swirling and floral monograms are most common for females and stately linear monograms are most common for use by males.  In our modern times you may see a “married monogram” which consists of the wife’s first name initial, their last name initial largest and in the center followed by the husband’s first name initial.  This is not a traditional monogram style, but is widely accepted in society today.

Ready to make your mark on the world?  In the stationery world, monogrammed stationery, monogrammed stamp, monogrammed napkins and monogrammed invitations are extremely common.  It’s a small detail that truly can transform your ensemble into a completely personalized masterpiece, made just for you!  Below you’ll see a small sampling of the monogrammed products we offer from stationery to napkins, embossers, stamps and invites.  One of my favorite monogrammed themes is using your personal monogram as the theme in your wedding ensemble, similar to the scrolling monogram you see in the invitation below.  This monogram can be transferred onto all pieces of your wedding ensemble from your reply cards, reception cards and even place cards.

Let your guests, friends and on-lookers know that you’re classy, personalized and full of tradition with a monogrammed product from our abundant monogram collection!

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