Alternative Wedding Invitations

I think Lady Gaga put it best when she said, “I don’t know what race you are.  I don’t know where you’re from; how much money you have; where you came from…all I know is that was the future and that’s all that matters.  You were born this way…

So much of who we are comes from being with the one we love.  It comes from the person who supports you, the person who is there for you and accepts you for who you are…your best friend and partner in life.  Love has no boundaries.  One of the best things our generation and time’s culture has to offer is acceptance.  Whether you’re fashionable and fun, secure and independent or unique and an individual – the theme of our generation is learning to accept yourself and your peers for who they are, and celebrating that individualism.

A wedding is a great time to celebrate your unique and individual relationship, and showcase the love that you share to all of your family members, friends and important people in your life.  Your wedding is all about you and the love that you have for one another – so there’s no reason that your wedding shouldn’t reflect who you are together as a couple.  If you’re fun, wild and spontaneous, let your wedding reflect that.  You wouldn’t expect to see the prim and proper bride wearing a black gown, or the crazy and unique bride wearing a Barbie gown that fills a room.  Just be yourself.

Some of our newest wedding invitation designs in late 2011 truly embody the alternative or contemporary bride and groom.  From ornate antique scroll designs with emblems and fantastic color contrasts of red & black, pink & orange, yellow & black or blue and brown, your guests will instantly see your unique wedding style upon opening your invitation envelope.  Below is just a small preview of our alternative wedding invitation styles, most of which are available in alternate color combinations with coordinating reply cards, reception cards, stickers, invitations, save the date cards and thank you notes…everything you’ll need to create your own unique wedding ensemble.  My personal favorite is the first save the date card shown, the Ornate Emblem Berry & Black by Noteworthy Collections.  The back of the card is the reverse of the design with a black background and red scrolling detail.  If you’re the alternative couple that marches to the beat of your own drum, it’s absolutely perfect for you.

Celebrate your big day in a unique way with this fabulous collection of unique wedding invitations

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