Holiday Party Invitation Etiquette

Have you walked the aisles of Target or your local department store yet?  I did yesterday expecting to see rows of Halloween costumes and candy.  To my surprise the Halloween aisles stopped at about four short rows and Christmas had taken over the entire back portion of the store!

Can it be…are the holidays really upon us?  In a word…absolutely!  Which can only mean one thing – it’s time to start planning your 2011 holiday party extravaganza.  Take a deep breath before you let the stress of the holidays creep in.  Remember that planning ahead is always the best things to do to reduce holiday stress, and plan ahead for the perfect holiday party that will go off without a hitch.

If you’re planning a holiday party for December or January, it’s important to send your invitations out plenty ahead of your event.  Normally we quote 2-3 weeks before an event as the amount of time needed to send out your party invitations.   However, as the holidays are such a crazy-busy, jam-packed time of year for everyone, sending your holiday party invitations out ahead of time is not only accepted, but essential if you want to have guests at your event!  Each Saturday and Friday night during the winter months are typically booked months in advance for parties, and you’ll want your guests to receive your party invitations first!  Sending your holiday party invitations out during the last week of November is a great time, as Thanksgiving has just ended and the preparations for December party events will begin.

In order to receive your holiday party invitations in-time for mailing, plan on ordering them approximately three weeks before you want to mail them out.  Our orders, from ordering online to delivery, take anywhere from 1-2 weeks total, (or faster if you need rush options).  You also want to give yourself plenty of time to stuff, seal, stamp and address your envelopes – thus a three week time window should be perfect.

When choosing the perfect Christmas party invitation or holiday invitation, be sure that your chosen holiday invite matches the theme of your event – be it a fun, casual and crazy ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ party or elegant and formal with a black-tie sit-down dinner.  Your invitation is the first indication of your holiday party ahead, and there shouldn’t be any guessing about the formality of your event, or the events to take place, if you choose the correct invitation.  Our causal invitations feature fun holiday hues with chic friends celebrating the holidays, fun holiday icons with Santa, reindeer and snowmen or Christmas tree designs.  Our formal holiday party invitations feature elegant holiday place settings, floral or damask patterns in chic holiday hues, evergreen scenes, intertwining swirls and accessory cards which feature layered cards, vellum and ribbon attachments.

When writing your holiday party invitation wording, be sure to include the main invitation essentials so that your guests have all the details they’ll need to know about your event.  You may want to start with a catchy holiday phrase or poem.  List the reason for the party, date, time, location, hosts names and RSVP, (or contact number if your guests have questions).  When listing your RSVP, it is widely accepted to now to include your email address in place or along with your phone number, which is especially convenient if you have a large guest list.  Should your event be kid-friendly or for adults only you are welcome to include this on your invitation as well…just remember to mention who IS invited, and not who ISN’T…as we don’t want to offend anyone.

Ready to jump start the holidays?  Take a browse through our amazing Holiday Party Invitation collection and keep the questions coming – we’re always happy to help you set up the perfect holiday party!

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