Self-Inking Holiday Snap Stamps

I’ll let you in on a little secret…I am obsessed with the holidays!  I seriously start decorating my house for the holidays mid-November…having holiday decorations up for just 3 weeks just isn’t enough for me.  If you’re like me, you like to add a little holiday sparkle to everything you do during the upcoming winter months.

One of our newest products we introduced this year will allow you to do just that!  Early this year Noteworthy Collections re-vamped their traditional  self-inking stamp with the new Snap Stamp, which allows you to purchase a stamp base one time, and then purchase stamp faces only to switch out throughout the year.  It’s a great, in-expensive way to make your personal mark on all of your belongings and takes up much less space than having 10 different stamp bodies with only one stampable design.  The stamps come with black ink pads and also allow you to purchase colored inks to further personalize your items.  We also sell colored stickers if you want to stamp and stick!

Okay, so what does this have to do with the holidays, actually?  The Noteworthy Collections Snap Stamp has a complete holiday collection which will allow you to add a little holiday cheer into everything you do during the holiday season.  Stamp your holiday greeting card envelopes, letters, mail and correspondence, on the outside of your baked goods for a cookie exchange or as a gift tag stamp on your gifts and presents during the holidays.  All of our holiday stamp designs feature a fun holiday design or a traditional holiday icon like a Christmas tree, dreidel, candy cane, holly, bells, reindeer, Santa Clause, peace symbol or winter theme.  Add your family name, address or a fun holiday phrase to the outer border of the stamper to truly make your stamp personalized.  Choose one stamp design to be from Santa for the kids’ gifts!

Need a great gift for the holiday season?  Whether it’s a hostess gift, a present to your neighbors or family members, Snap Stamps are great for the trendy gift-giver.  If you can’t decide what design your recipient will like, (we have a plethora of designs which can seem overwhelming at times), no need to worry.  We now offer a Snap Stamp gift box which sends your recipient their stamp base with a coupon code to choose and personalize their own stamp face.  This way you know they’ll receive a stamp design they like, which suits their needs, be it for the holidays or everyday use.

Check out our entire Self-Inking Snap Stamp collection at!

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