Ornament Exchange Party Invitations

Perfect for the entertainment enthusiast, an Ornament Exchange Party is a great party idea or theme to jump-start the holiday season.  It’s   a great theme for holiday parties held early in the December month before the busy holidays are underway…and will help your guests all prepare for the upcoming holiday.

An ornament exchange holiday party involves asking your guests to gather to celebrate the holiday season and bring one ornament to exchange with the other guests at the event.  You can ask your guests to wrap their ornaments to keep everything a surprise, or bring it unwrapped for everyone to see.  My favorite thing to do with an ornament exchange is to set up your Christmas tree before the party with lights and garland – but no ornaments.  As your guests arrive they can put their ornament for the exchange on the Christmas tree for everyone to marvel over as the party goes underway.  At the end of the party conduct your exchange in which guests draw straws to choose ornaments from the tree.  When your tree is bare you’ll be able to decorate your Christmas tree as usual with your family for the upcoming holiday months.

Set the scene for your holiday party with an ornament exchange holiday party invitation.  One of our most popular holiday themed invitation styles are our ornament invitations.  From filigree ornaments with great detail to fun, swanky and chic detailed ornaments, there’s a little something for everyone’s party style at any age – be it 25 or 50!  Remember at the bottom of the invitation to ask your guests to bring an ornament for the exchange.  You can also put a dollar limit on the ornament if you feel some guests may over-indulge.  The typical amount I’d suggest for an ornament exchange would be about $10 – $15.

Decorate your party for the holiday season with red and green decorations with colorful accents of silver and gold glitter to glitz things up a bit.  Serve up some festive holiday cocktails with candy cane swizzle sticks and encourage guests to mingle before your exchange.  If you have kids attending your event, you may want to make a kid-friendly station where the kids can make their own ornaments to take home with them to hang on their own Christmas tree.  Be sure to have plenty of bags or boxes ready if you do an un-wrapped ornament exchange so that ornaments don’t break as they are transported home.

Check out some of our favorite ornament holiday party invitations below…

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